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Natural Alternatives to Vaginoplasty

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Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure of reconstructing the vagina to restore firmness by reversing vaginal relaxation. Vaginoplasty is a type of genitoplasty. This kind of plastic surgery is an invasive procedure. It requires hospitalization. There is a sufficient recovery period that is unavoidable. There are possible side effects and quite a few of them are outright risks. It is also likely for a woman to require more than one surgical procedure as the outcome of the first one may not be satisfactory. You are looking at an expense of a few thousand to over ten thousand dollars. The side effects are quite severe and can even lead to the loss of all sensations in and around the vagina. Thus, most women prefer natural alternatives to vaginoplasty.

There are many natural alternatives to vaginoplasty but not all of them are equally effective. The specific remedy you choose, how you go about it and other facilitating factors will have a role to play. It is better to have a holistic approach and not rely on only one remedy. Also, some remedies marketed as natural are not entirely so and you must steer clear of such choices.

Reduce Weight

A slender woman can have a relaxed or loose vagina. An overweight or obese woman may have a firm vagina. However, women who are overweight or obese will be more vulnerable to vaginal relaxation. This has more to do with the pelvic floor than the vagina or the vaginal muscles. When women put on a lot of weight in their belly and waist or both upper and lower abdomen as well as in the hips, they are inevitably going to have weaker core muscles and the pelvic floor will drop a little or substantially and this will lead to vaginal relaxation. A weak pelvic floor will not be able to hold the abdominal organs in place and a woman will not be able to exert as much control of her vaginal muscles. Women with a healthy body mass index, stronger core muscles and properly aligned pelvic floor will find it easier to control her vaginal expansion and contraction. They will also find it easier to restore the firmness of their vagina if it has become relaxed or somewhat loose.

Exercise & Activity

There are pelvic exercises that can help women restore the tightness or natural firmness of their vagina. All kinds of exercises have some positive impact. Running or jogging, long walks, squats, pushups, crunches, cross training and even playing any sport that requires a bit of physical exhaustion will have positive effects on the entire body, including the core muscles and the pelvic area. Kegel exercises and the likes are specially designed to work on the pelvic muscles. These can bring about wondrous changes in women who have a relaxed vagina. Exercise and stay active. Sedentary lifestyle has the same impact on the pelvic floor as obesity or excess weight.

Vaginal Tightening Gel

You may try V-Tight Gel, which is a natural alternative to surgery. It is a safe gel that can restore the suppleness of your vagina, firm and tighten the muscles, enable better contraction and can lead to the reshaping of the vaginal walls. The gel also restores the natural lubrication so you do not feel undesirable dryness. Your vagina will feel rejuvenated. The vaginal muscles and the skin around it require some care as one grows older. V-Tight Gel does precisely that as V-Tight Gel effectively reverses vaginal relaxation. The loss of elasticity can be natural or aided by childbirth, ageing and hormonal changes. Most women who experience significant vaginal relaxation are mothers, approaching menopause or are older and have hormonal imbalance owing to age, lifestyle, lack of exercise, diet and other prevailing health problems. Addressing all of these is essential to experience a sustainable transformation of the vagina.

V-Tight Gel is a natural product. It contains Manjakani Extract, which is the main active ingredient. This herbal extract has been used for hundreds of years in various eastern civilizations. Women have been using this natural ingredient for vaginal tightness but it did not find its way to the west until now. There are other creams and gels that use artificial ingredients. It is best to avoid those since you cannot be sure of the side effects or even the positive impact of synthetic products. Turning to nature is the next best thing to allowing the body to reverse some of the unpleasant changes. V-Tight Gel is a bestseller and innumerable women have already tried it so there are firsthand testimonies for you to rely on. This natural vaginal tightening gel is an affordable and noninvasive remedy without side effects. It does not interfere with your day-to-day life in any way. You will not experience a change overnight but moderate use for a period of time will transform how your vagina looks and feels.

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