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Pages To Follow On Instagram To Keep Fit During COVID-19 Lockdown

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In today’s fast-paced life, most people have realized the importance of staying fit so they try to include a strict workout regimen in their daily routine. We know that most of you are used to relying on gyms and fitness instructors for boosting your serotonin levels whenever you are feeling low. But how could you go about doing your regular exercises now that all the gyms in your city are closed and all classes have been canceled indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Most of the Cross Fit gyms have been compelled to remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and gym owners are facing huge financial losses as a result. More than 70 percent of the CrossFit gyms worldwide have been compelled to close their doors. Fortunately, thanks to Instagram, today we have easy access to many trainers, gyms, and fitness centers that are providing live workout sessions for people who are quarantined at home but are desperately looking for some physical exercise to keep fit.

Numerous fitness gurus and wellness warriors have already started streaming workouts on a regular basis. These classes are usually conducted with a positive attitude to overcome the health crisis together. These workout sessions generally come free and are available to both members and non-members. You simply need to install the Instagram app. Then just click on the profile photo of the streamer for hopping into the class. Here are some of the pages that you could follow if you wish to maintain your physical fitness and overall well-being even during COVID-19 lockdown or home quarantine.

Instagram: @womenshealthmag

Women’s Health Magazine

You could consider following this page provided you are looking for a fitness account that promises expertise in the trade. They are trained and know precisely what they are doing. The Women’s Health Magazine’s Instagram account provides meticulous instructions about the way to join all their workout sessions and those instructions are saved on their account as a highlight. The workouts are performed by teachers who are fitness gurus and clearly have both the experience and proficiency.

Equipment You Would Require Just a towel or a chair at most.

Frequency: Just twice daily for 15 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes on Instagram Live. These workout sessions are available for 24 hours for delayed viewing of Instagram Live. In this context, if you wish to boost your followers on Instagram, you may visit for professional assistance from digital marketing experts. 

Instagram: @chelseapiersfitness

Chelsea Piers Fitness

This is just the right page to follow provided you wish to perform workouts with some extremely laid-back people from the East Coast.

Equipment Required: Generally, a yoga mat.

Frequency: Classes take almost 30 minutes on Instagram Live. These classes are thereafter, shared on IGTV. You could get the relevant information about workout times on the IG grid or IG Stories.

Instagram: @studiothreechi

Studio Three

You could consider following this page provided you are looking for a meditative exercise session from a group of expert teachers based in Chicago who have a passion for yoga, glitter, and intervals.

Equipment You Would Be Requiring: A towel, mat, and certain household objects for weight training.

Frequency: On Instagram Live minimum once every day with some classes that would be shared as a video on Instagram or shared on IGTV.

Instagram: @tylercameron3

Tyler Cameron

You must consider following this page if you have a fascination for looking at reality stars and palm trees while performing your exercises. Tyler Cameron, the “Bachelorette” personality performs outdoor sessions along with Hannah Brown his former on-screen heart-throb under the expert supervision of fitness guru Phil Fit.

Equipment Required: A yoga mat.

Frequency: No fixed timing but whenever they wish to just for half an hour or so. In this context, you must also know that Phil Fit is in the habit of posting Instagram Live workouts occasionally on his account with Cameron’s crew.

Instagram: @doyourumble


You must consider the following Rumble provided you have an interest in boxing-inspired workouts. You would be trained by quirky instructors. You would be finding everything here including hooks, jabs, and jumping jacks.

Equipment Required: Yoga mat and you must come with a light mood and playful attitude.

Frequency: Daily workouts at various times for approx. 30 minutes on Instagram Live that are thereafter, shared on IGTV. You could see the class times in a video that is shared on Rumble’s IG grid.

Instagram: @basecampfitness

Basecamp Fitness

You could consider following this page if you enjoy when different days are being designated for diverse muscle groups and you prefer options that offer workout timing.

Equipment Required: Hand weights and certain household objects.

Frequency: Four times every day on Instagram Live. We know that these workout recaps are effectively posted on specifically their Instagram grid that is precisely the place where class times are usually announced.


Quarantine and lockout life could prove to be immensely challenging. Everyone would need to deal with mental, emotional, and physical issues. You may be tempted to give up your exercise and diet plans and enjoy your favorite ice cream. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, it is of utmost importance to stay fit and strong for combating health issues. You could achieve optimum fitness by following some of the above-discussed Instagram pages that offer live workouts that come free and everyone could join.

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