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The Positive Impact Of Outdoor Activities And Events On Kids’ Health

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Children of all ages enjoy the outdoor living experience. From the carefree running up and down of kids playing tag, to teenagers kicking the ball from teammate to teammate, an infant or toddler enjoying the morning sun. Each experience outdoors leaves an impression each wants a repeat of, almost on a daily basis.

The upside to the outdoors is that it is not limited to only the running around playing a physical or an interactive memory match game. Instead, the outside open space also offers an unlimited venue for other educational and recreational activities. For instance, schools and other educational facilities hold tree planting excursions. Such events are a breath of fresh air, involving children of all ages as well as adults. It teaches them the value of nature and goes beyond the scope offering benefits unfathomable to all humanity.

Below are some of the benefits our youngsters get to learn through such experiences.

Physical Health Benefits

The physical space of the outdoors offer the younger generation with space to freely run around both for fun and play. And while they do this, their physical health is greatly improved. Gauging the benefits your child, who is an active outdoor sporty person, is unquantifiable. The simple act of running around serves as both a fun activity and an exercising session. The jumping, dodging, kicking events, for instance, has their limbs in constant motion most of the time. They build up muscles on their lean bodies, get to burn off the excess fat they ingest. Meaning diseases such as child obesity is no longer a topic of discussion. Their respiratory systems are at their best, as the inhaling of clean, fresh air is not a story but an everyday reality.

It even becomes a required health regimen for asthmatic kids managing their disease the best way possible. Their digestive and their circulatory systems are yet other areas that get to benefit from the involvement of children in outdoor activities and events. Having your child taking a stroll on a sunny afternoon will provide them with the daily requirement of the sun’s vitamin D. They benefit just from standing outside. As mentioned earlier, the health benefits are unquantifiable.

Mental Health Benefits

The next significant benefit our children enjoy is a stress-free mental status. It is no news that jack with no play makes jack a dull boy. A perfect example of a quiet boy is probably one who is sad, unhappy, and generally unmotivated. And this is a state no parent would like to see their child in. Frankly, it is a nightmare that indeed no one would like to live to see. The involvement of children in outdoor activities & events has been supported by many organizations and this involvement will have your child build on their self-esteem and self-confidence almost instantly.

Being part of a team in a game of football, or a community cleanup project gives them a sense of belonging. It gives them the courage to take up a task at hand in the best way possible. This, in turn, has an enormous ripple effect as such experiences permanently plaster themselves in their minds and brains. An unforgettable and engaging outdoor charity event will have your child chattering for days on end about how fun it was. And this desire to be part of something both fun and helpful will have them grow into responsible, happy, and stress-free adults.

Spiritual Health Benefits

Regardless of your religion or faith, the spiritual aspect of a child’s life is elevated. Outdoor events such as tree planting or charity walk for the deaf or for cancer patients builds on your child’s character. It relies on their spirits to care for the unfortunate and to take care of what surrounds them. Not only to care but actually do something about it, even in the smallest way possible. Working and playing outdoors will also build on their spirit of peacefully working hand in hand with others for the greater good.

Additionally, giving back to the community and the environment builds on their character and spirituality that there is a better tomorrow for each one of us. Human or plant.


To conclude, it is undoubtedly reasonable to say that any activity partaken by a child in the outdoor space is for their own good. From the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. They get to understand the dynamics of life at an early stage. Not only by hearing but by actually living through the experiences themselves. It grooms them to a healthier, brighter future where they become model citizens. It is a fantastic feeling as a parent to raise a brilliant and all-a-rounded child. So the next time he or she asks if they could participate in the scouting match event, say yes! As a matter of fact, go cheer them on. You won’t regret it.

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