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The Partnership with Patients Agenda

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The Partnership With Patients Summit:
The first patient summit in Kansas City supported by crowd-funding, designed using social media with art by Regina Holliday
Patients, Providers and Health Professional from all over the United States will convene in Kansas City, Missouri, from September 21through September 23 to present speeches on Health Information Technology, Patient Safety and Quality and Media and the Message of Patient Advocacy. 

Partnership With Patients

For too long patient input has been an afterthought in health policy.

We are changing that.

This summit focuses on education, networking and partnership—of patients, providers, venders and explains the relationship between government policy and patient advocacy.  Conference attendee’s will suggest ways to promote patient participation, learn about the effect of change and growth in the tech sector on patient advocacy, and use social media to further the voice of the patient in national health policy.

What makes this a must attend event?
The Partnership with Patients Summit is organized completely using the free tools of social media and by a loose confederation of advocates, providers and venders volunteering their time.
The registration page is on eventbrite:
Partnership With Patients partially crowd-funded by both Medstartr and Health Tech Hatch 
The non-profit partner is the Society for Participatory Medicine who is helping fund patient travel scholarships,
Internationally recognized patient speakers such as Dave DeBronkart, Trisha Torrey and ReginaHolliday will be presenting.

The conference hashtag is #cinderblocks on twitter

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Friday 21, The Walking Gallery: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
To begin this conference The WalkingGallery gathers on Friday night Sept 21, Kansas City Marriott Downtown 200 West 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105 light refreshments will be served
Twitter hashtag: #TheWalkingGallery
The patient voice — in the form of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare art event —will arrive in Kansas City as walkers from throughout the nation will display the stories painted on their backs of business jackets. Internationally recognized patient rights art advocate Regina Holliday will debut her latest works. 
“It will be exciting to see so many new members of the Walking Gallery gather for this event. At this point, we have 160 walkers around world representing the patient view within medicine. I am proud to be a member of the Walking Gallery,” said Holliday, the Washington, D.C.-based patient rights arts advocate.

Saturday 22, Registration begins at 7:30am
Cerner will host the Summit Saturday and Sunday at their educational facility at Cerner Educational Building 6711 NE Birmingham Rd  Kansas City, MO 64117
Coffee and breakfast will be served in the exhibition area 
Saturday Morning 8:00 am in room A  (this room we will record.)

Panel presentation by Society for Participatory medicine 8:30-9:10 
A series of 4×4 presentations from sponsors 9:15-9:45
Explain dividing into three tracks
HIT and Policy
Session 1
10:00-11:45 am first group of 25 patients go on shuttles to experience theatre on Cerner Campus
Session 2
12:00-1:45 pm second group of 25 patients go on shuttles to experience theatre on Cerner Campus
Patient Quality and Safety Room A
Session 1
10:00-10:45: Pat Mastors and Partnership with/for Patients
Session 2
11:00-11:45: Patient Speakers and SpeakerLink Panel: Trisha Torrey, Dave DeBronkart, Tiffany Peterson, Kait B Roe
Media and the Message Room B
(Social Media/Activism/Public Speaking)
Session 1 Bunny Ellerin  on media
Session 2 Social Media speaker TBA
HIT and Policy Room C
Session 3
2:00-2:45 Roy Foster: HIT and Meaningful Use 101
Session 4
3:00-3:45 HIT Pannel: What does tech have to do with it?
Patient Quality and Safety Room A
Session 3
12:30- 1:45 Device Safety Panel: Tobia Gilk on MRI, Joleene Chambers on Implantable Devices
Session 4
2:00-2:45 Ann Becker-Schutte, MD on Hospice and End of Life
Session 5
3:00-3:45 Jari Holland Buck on Patient Safety
Media and the Message Room B
Session 3
12:30 -1:45 W. Ryan Neuhofel, DO, MPH: Doctors and Social Media
Session 4
2:00-2:45 Lisa Fields and Bart Windrum: Rocking the Power Point
Session 5
3:00-3:45  Michael Millenson on new media meets traditional media
Closing Remarks in Room A
Dinner Served 5:15-6:15
Ignite-style speeches, (20 slides 5 minutes) begin 6:30-8:00
Shuttle back to Marriott 8:15
Sunday Registration begins at 7:30 am Breakfast in exhibition space
HealthCamp, an unconference will be held on Sept 23rd in Kansas City as part of the Partnership with Patients summit. Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 21st -23rd. HealthCamp will cap off an exciting weekend at Cerner’s educational facility in Kansas City. Continuing the innovation learning approach from the previous days, patients, physicians, nurses, technologists, health system and policy leaders, payers and suppliers will create session topics the day of the event focused on “Empowering Patient Engagement.” The unconference process and the Center for Total Health itself will create a flexible and energetic collaborative environment for participants. Check out the HealthCamp Foundation home page for other HealthCamp information. 

Greeting: 8:00 in room A
Break into unconference sessions 9:00 am/patient speaker boot-camp
Session rooms B,C,D,E,F,
Patient Speaker Boot camp stays in room A to record speeches
9:00 am to 12:00
Grid times for Unconference
9:00am -9:45
11:00- 11:45
12:00- 12:45 Lunch and good byes to early departures Exhibition space
1:00pm – 1:45
2:00-2:45 Wrap up in Room A
The conference hashtag is #cinderblocks on twitter
For more information about the summit and to receive media access with press credentials, contact @ReginaHolliday on twitter or 202-441-9664
About Partnership With Patients
This conference is two-fold in its mission. We will be working on strategies for a grass roots support the Partnership for Patients campaign. We will also help enable patients by providing a place to network, learn and grow as patient advocates that focus on health policy. You can read more about this on our website 

Thank you to our Sponsors!


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       Thank you all of our other sponsors 

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