Potential Signs Of High Blood Pressure You Don’t Want To Ignore

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  High blood pressure is one of the most common conditions in the US. Around one in three Americans experience high blood pressure right now. This can lead to a variety of conditions, including serious cardiac problems. The issue is most Americans don’t realize they have high blood pressure until they have serious problems. The symptoms below are the signs you don’t want to ignore as they may indicate high blood pressure.

No Signs (The Silent Killer)

If you came here searching for a list of high blood pressure symptoms, you came to the wrong place. High blood pressure is so dangerous because few people actually experience any visible symptoms. There’s an ongoing myth that nosebleeds are a sign of high blood pressure. This is false. Some people with high blood pressure experience regular nose bleeds. A lot of people don’t. There’s no connection. The reason why high blood pressure is the silent killer is that there are no obvious symptoms, and symptoms are often confused with other conditions. You could have high blood pressure now and not even know it.

So How Can You Tell if You Have High Blood Pressure?

The big issue is that 20% of Americans with high blood pressure don’t know they have it. They’re putting their lives at risk, as a result. There’s a reason why a health check with your doctor will nearly always involve a blood pressure check. It’s the only way to confirm whether you have the condition known as hypertension or whether you’re at imminent risk and need to make changes. As you get older, you should visit your doctor not just when you’re sick but to have an annual health check.

What if You Don’t Regularly Visit Your Doctor?

Due to limitations when it comes to accessibility to healthcare in the US, many Americans don’t visit their doctor for a regular health check. There are other options available to you. Your best option is to visit a public blood pressure machine. These can be found in many pharmacies. They can give you indications as to whether you need to get checked out. Keep in mind that these machines are less accurate, due to improper cuff sizes. Try to get someone who works there to help you use it.

Are There Any Symptoms?

Some people will experience high blood pressure symptoms, such as headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, or shortness of breath. But these are such generalized symptoms that they’re not just connected to high blood pressure. Either way, if you regularly experience any of these symptoms they could indicate a serious underlying condition.

Last Word – How Often Should You Visit Your Doctor?

It’s recommended that below the age of 30 you should have your blood pressure checked once every two years. Above the age of 30, you should visit your doctor at least once per year. You should visit your doctor more regularly if you have any signs of hypertension, or you have a family history of cardiovascular disease. When was the last time you checked your blood pressure?

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