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Pros And Cons Of Flossing: Why Is This Dental Tip Overlooked?

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  Flossing is something that is overlooked by a large portion of people all around the world and is often one of the biggest prevention methods for tooth decay and gum disease. With this being said, there are very little downsides to flossing, making it one of the most important parts of your oral health care routine and it is strongly recommended by a number of the best dentist practices in the UK. In this article, we will be looking into the different kinds of floss and why it should not be overlooked. Removes Grime From Teeth One of the main benefits of flossing is the fact that it helps to remove dirt caught by the sides of the teeth and keep the gums strong. It can be kept in a bag or handbag and be used at every given opportunity. However, this is overlooked by many due to a busy lifestyle as flossing can add another minute to your nightly routine. In addition to this, some forms of floss can be expensive, making this an additional expense to some. Unwaxed And Waxed Floss There are various different types of floss that work for teeth of all sizes and all work to get around the tooth and remove plaque. This is overlooked by many as this takes time out of the day. However, it is vitally important that this is done to ensure the plaque is removed. Dental Tape This is an option for those with bridgework or a wider than average gap in their teeth as it covers more surface area. This will get around the tooth and remove plaque without causing damage to the gum. Waxed Floss In addition to this, there is also the option of waxed floss which is able to glide easier between closely spaced teeth. This will provide the same result as dental floss without getting stuck in the gap. Unwaxed Floss Unwaxed floss is a simple way of removing plaque from the teeth as it will squeak against teeth that are clean. This will not break as easily and can be kept in a handbag or carried away on holiday, allowing you to maintain healthy teeth and gums at all times. With a number of brands such as Oral B, Colgate and Aqua Fresh making a wide range of floss available, there are a number of options for you to choose from regardless of the spacing between your teeth to give you perfectly clean teeth every time you brush. By flossing twice a day, you can begin to help remove harmful bacteria and strengthen the roots of the teeth. Water Flossing In addition to these different types of floss, there is also water flossing. This is better for some as it is much faster and can remove more plaque in the long term. With a number of machines available on the market, you can have clean teeth in no time as it jets water between the teeth to remove food that is caught in the teeth. Though this should not be used as a replacement for brushing your teeth, this will provide you with a free feeling that will last you all day. This can then be followed by using traditional floss throughout the day to remove food that may have been caught in the teeth. Restrictions On Age Another reason that flossing is overlooked by so many is the age restriction. With children over the age of 10 being able to floss, there are many parents who forget about this entirely and are not encouraging their children to floss. This leads to over 32% of people saying that they do not floss which could be damaging to the health of your teeth. Conclusion With this in mind, there are a number of reasons that flossing should not be overlooked as this can lead to common issues such as Gum disease and unhealthy plaque build-up.

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