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How Can Radiologists Improve Quality of Patient Care?

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Medical technology has rapidly advanced. Radiology in particular has made big forward strides because of computer technology. This technology comes at a price, but it also has the potential to reduce costs for patients. Radiologists can work to improve the quality of patient care and help their patients to save money by following these four recommendations.

Use Digital Imaging Techniques

Digital imaging techniques rely on modern technology. Today’s technology offers a high level of accuracy and precision for diagnosing medical conditions and ruling out possible causes of a problem. Using digital imaging techniques reduces the amount of time that is needed in order to get the images and analyze them. This allows a patient to get results faster and reduces the time and money required to get a diagnosis.

Attend a Diagnostic Medical Sonographic School

To improve a patient’s quality of care, consider attending a diagnostic medical sonographic school. Earning a bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography could help you to develop the skills necessary to provide an early detection of serious medical problems. A degree in medical sonography could also be a great stepping stone to medical school and becoming a practicing radiologist.

Improve Quality of Care

Nurses can also work to improve the overall quality of care. Instead of ordering every possible imaging study for a patient, a nurse canhelp the doctor understand what test will be more likely to uncover a patient’s issue. Reducing the amount of testing that a patient goes through improves the quality of care and saves money on healthcare costs. Reducing testing also saves the patient’s time and can improve his or her quality of life.

Share Test Results with the Entire Care Team

When a patient is undergoing radiology procedures, the radiologist could put the findings into the patient’s chart instead of only reporting the findings to the referring doctor. The confidential medical chart will be accessible to the providers caring for the patient. For example, if imaging was requested by a gastroenterologist and the patient also has a referral for cardiology, both medical specialties could see the imaging results. This could prevent a need for repeat testing. Radiology is an essential part of medical diagnostics and treatment plans. Radiologists can work together with a patient’s care team in order to improve the quality of care and reduce the overall costs of the care. These tips make it easier for medical professionals to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of radiology procedures.

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