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How To Improve Mental Health With The Help of Technology

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Technology and mental well-being are two different things; you will find excellent digital tools to assist you and also to practice meditation. You may use smartphone apps, virtual reality solutions, and electronic devices as a form of alleviating stressing and achieving digital detox as, after a while, you will be able to practice all types of anti-anxiety skills by yourself. So, allow the Medical Futurist to explain to you ways to enhance your mental and emotional health with the assistance of technologies.

The Demand for taking care of our emotional health

“As we observe physical hygiene to stay well, we need to cultivate a kind of psychological hygiene also, “There are three key points around his holiness statement. First of all, the prevalence of health-enhancing, physically active lifestyle is soaring worldwide. Nonetheless, there’s always room for progress, that the WHO states that internationally, 23% of adults and 81% of school-going adolescents aren’t active enough.

According to the business, adults aged 18-64 ought to perform at least 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity each week, which is not unaccomplishable. Moreover, the numerically and mathematically driven 21st-century head could have great inspiration and electricity from the various physical fitness trackers and wearables.

Second, emotional hygiene appears to be thrown into the shade nowadays. Information is pouring on us out of millions of communicating channels, we’re connecting with hundreds of friends on social media, we’re obsessed with information on account of this fear of missing out and time handling slices up our days into meetings and to-do-lists. These amounts are terrifying and always growing, they reveal how important it is to take some opportunity to fight anxiety, pressure and self-distracting impulses on a daily basis.

The very first step is to understand that our requirement for time to relax and reflect is crucial for our soul and body. It does not come in controlled daily routines, dumb task completion and hard behavior which force us to blindly follow popular trends. One of the important factors of mental health is mindfulness, the method of being present in the moment and recognizing ourselves and our surroundings as it is. Not as it should be or shouldn’t be, but just because it is. Since technology is frequently linked to problems like a distraction, narcissism, expectation of immediate gratification as well as depression, it may seem strange at first, but help might actually come out of technology.

No matter whether we are speaking about heart disease, depression, diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal allergies or problems, extended hours in traffic jams, work deadlines, yelling supervisors, and colleagues, engaging in social life. The list of stress factors could go on and on. You cannot really meditate or de-stress effectively with technologies on the long-run. However, it’s an excellent instrument for taking the first steps.

It may be easier to get a technological society to get the concept of mediation and effective stress management through another digital instrument, used less and less before completely losing it in the long run.

PIP apparatus

It is a tiny device PIP, combined with a Smartphone app designed to give immediate feedback about stress levels. Simply by holding the apparatus between the thumb and index fingers while it measures skin conductivity for a couple of minutes. The more I keep my anxiety low, the quicker the scene changes.

 Calm app

Using the calm app, you are able to learn to meditate, have breathing sessions to unwind your mind and body, hear calming bedtime stories before going to sleep or see smoothing nature scenes every time during the day when you feel it’s needed. When it comes to meditation, beautiful music and calming scenes direct you from this tomb hole of stress, depression or sleep disorders.

Headspace app

It’s the best alternative for anybody who wants to understand how to meditate and how to release stress even through a busy day. The daily guide headspace app only takes 10 minutes; helps concentrate and release stress, master meditation.

Breath2Relax app

Many mental health experts believe diaphragmatic breathing or deep belly breathing one of the very useful tools for stress relief. App developers help users learn this anxiety management skill to lower the body?s ?fight-or-flight’ reaction, and helps with mood stabilization, anger control, and stress control.

Deep virtual reality app

That experience is precisely what Deep is offering you with the assistance of deep virtual reality excluding disturbing real-world ailments.

Zen Zone virtual reality app

Zen Zone is another relaxation game developed by Unello Design specifically for VR. It features two innovative relaxation sessions with beautifully calming music, which visualize the human body and the breath in ways only possible in VR. You also get the chance to arrange your particular ?secret garden”, where you could discover your inner peace.

Fitbit’s Relax app

Fitbit has a Relax app on its Blaze and Ionic versions. The program is a breathing exercise that could last for 5 or 3 minutes and is designed to assist the user with slow breathing, as well as heart rate. It’s a fast yet still efficient exercise to locate a few minutes of calmness daily. It also reveals the progress you’ve made over time and how much you might reduce your heart rate during the exercise which ensures that you return to it day after day.

Final words

No matter whether you use devices, healthcare app development, virtual reality or any additional tools, the important thing to concentrate on your mental health at least once every day. Make time for it, give yourself a couple of minutes and look closely at your ideas and feelings. As Ellen Langer sets it, life consists only of moments, nothing more than that. So if you make the second thing, it all things. You can be mindful or mindless. You may win, you can lose. The worst case is to be dumb and lose. So when you’re doing anything, be cautious, notice new things, make it meaningful to you, and you’re going to prosper.

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