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Recovery from Drug Addiction with a Limited Budget

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  Drug addiction can take a toll on almost every aspect of the life of a person. It’s a mentally, physically, and financially draining illness. Individuals that suffer the emotional, physical and mental effects of substance use disorder face financial challenges too. Some of them become unemployed and homeless while others live in abject poverty. Unfortunately, many people suffering from these effects of drug addiction can’t afford treatment. Thus, though some people want to end their drug addiction, financial challenges hinder them from seeking treatment. Some individuals have even tried at-home detox and others attempted to quit cold-turkey. However, the life-threatening withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction to most drugs have led to their relapse. Nevertheless, there are ways people can recover from addiction even with limited budgets. For instance, it’s possible to find affordable and even free drug rehab (Addiction Resource suggests more details). If you or a loved one is battling addiction and can’t afford the total cost of treatment, consider these options.

Affordable Rehab

Millions of people can benefit from professional treatment for drug addiction if they know where and how to get it. Free or affordable rehabilitation is not just another myth. It is an option that can save lives. A national survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) done in 14,311 rehabs in the U.S revealed that half of these facilities offer free rehabilitation to addicts that can’t afford to pay for their services. About a quarter of those surveyed were private facilities. 62% of these rehabs reported a sliding-scale fee use. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that they can get cheaper or free treatment for drug addiction. This can be attributed to the fact that the majority of these facilities do not publicly advertise their special offers. To find out if you can use this option to recover from drug addiction with a limited budget, talk to your doctor. Just ask your doctor, ‘are there cheap or free drug rehab centers near me?’ Don’t be surprised if your doctor gives you a list of facilities you never thought they could offer free or cheap treatment for drug addiction.

State-Funded Rehabilitation

You can use state-funded rehab centers to recover from addiction if you have a tight budget. These facilities use federal and state funding to cater to the treatment costs of addicts. The vast majority of these facilities provide free treatment for addiction to individuals that don’t have an income. This treatment is availed through substance abuse and mental health treatment centers. But, you need to meet certain criteria to qualify for state-funded rehabilitation. Here are some of the eligibility requirements for state-funded rehabilitation:

  • You must be a resident of the state where you seek free addiction treatment.
  • You must have a legal residence in the United States.
  • You must not have insurance when seeking treatment.
  • You must prove that you don’t have income.
  • You must have medical records to prove your addiction status and your need for intervention.

State-funded treatment for addiction is limited. However, there are increasing numbers of people that need this treatment. As such, people are always waiting to be accepted in state-funded rehabs. Therefore, these facilities give priority to certain groups of addicts. Some of the groups prioritized by state-funded rehab programs include pregnant women, mothers with less than a year after giving birth, and people that abuse IV drugs.

Faith-Based Rehabilitation

You can also get an affordable or free drug treatment program at a faith-based rehab center. Faith-based rehabs focus on providing a spiritual solution to the substance abuse problem. Each of these facilities is designed to cater to the addiction treatment needs of individuals with a specific religious belief. For instance, a Christian rehab center takes a Christianity perspective towards addiction treatment and recovery. Drug addiction is, therefore, treated by strengthening the relationships of addicts with Christ. These centers can also use traditional methods to treat addiction. They also offer both outpatient and inpatient programs. When addicts seek treatment in these facilities, they establish social bonds and get the support that may have been missing in their lives. Research indicates that primary care physicians and psychiatrists are likely to refer their patients to faith-based programs. That’s because they may believe that emphasizing spirituality is important for the 12-step programs’ success. While some people benefit from one spiritual or religious experience, a faith-based treatment environment does not focus on this only. Individuals that seek treatment in these facilities participate in both group and individual consultations. The provided therapy sessions aim to help addicts identify and deal with the underlying causes of drug addiction. They are also trained to avoid relapse. Some drug addicts and alcoholics have behavioral disorders and mental illnesses. These facilities provide the necessary medications to such patients in addition to offering free drug addiction help.

Other Options

If the above facilities don’t suit your addiction treatment needs or you don’t qualify for any of them, there are other options to consider. These include:

  • Professional rehabilitation centers- Residential addiction treatment facilities are very expensive for people without insurance. But, some of them provide alternative payment methods, sliding-scale fees, and payment assistance. Some facilities can even divide the total sum into manageable payments that are spread over several years.
  • Online Recovery- Every recovery program, whether commercial or free, has an online presence. Some of the free resources provided by online recovery programs include chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messenger groups, and email groups.
  • Support groups- Online fellowship groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are now synonymous with the addiction rehabilitation concept. These groups offer active support to individuals struggling with addiction. Members of these groups provide their funding and some can even offer fee help to members using voluntary donations.

A limited budget should not be a reason to let addiction ruin your life. If you or a loved one wants to recover from addiction with scarce finances, there are many options to consider. Take time to consider every option available to enhance your chances of getting a free drug rehabilitation center that suits your recovery needs.

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