Scientists in Japan Use Stem Cells to Grow Hair on Bald Mouse

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If you read the entire article here the scientists were able to play around too with the density and color of the hair grown.  They also used human cells and the mouse grew human hair.  This could be the future therapy for baldness and researchers say we are a few years away from use on humans. 

The also said that to use this treatment for a large area of hair would almost be impossible to do but it can certainly be used to fill in bald spots.  BD 

Could hair follicle stem cells help people regrow their hair after losing it due to disease? Japanese scientists’ recent successful experiments on bald mice suggest it’s possible.

The Wall Street Journal reported that after a team of researchers at Tokyo University of Science transplanted two different kinds of cells from mice hair follicles into a bald mouse’s follicles, almost three quarters of them sprouted hair within three weeks.

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