How Does Technology Help Keep Your Allergies at Bay in 2017?

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Where would we be today without technology? We’ve grown so used to it by now that we take it for granted; we turn it into an extension of our lives. Try taking someone’s washing machine away, and you’ll see what I mean. There’s nothing like the panic you see in their eyes when they realize they have to spend long hours washing those clothes piece by piece. Even as someone who used to do that in the past would have a hard time adjusting. Yes, technology is pretty wonderful. But what if I told you that you probably aren’t using it to its full extent? You may be using technology to enhance every aspect of your life, but you may not know that technology is a great “crime fighter” against spring allergies as well. While a stack of antihistamines and an endless tissue supply may be your main “weapons” against allergies, there are still many ways for you to find relief with your one and only true friend: technology. Here are some gadgets that will keep your allergies at bay so that you can fully enjoy life.

Allergy Tracker Apps

Nine out of ten people are attached to their smartphones at the hip and probably don’t even notice that they lost track of time while scrolling on Facebook. Still, while smartphones are a great way to kill time when you’re bored, they’re also very useful – provided you install the right apps. Nowadays, smartphones are literally smarter than us – so they know everything about the pollen situation in your area. Just like with the weather forecast, these apps can offer you up-to-minute info regarding the pollen forecast. This way, you can plan your errands better – or at least remind yourself to grab that bottle of antihistamines on your way out.

Allergen Trapping Vacuum Cleaners

Carpets can make your home feel cozier and warm, but have you noticed how you start sneezing like Hell broke lose each time you forget the vacuum the room? That’s basically because this type of environment is perfect for trapping allergens – which will eventually make their way up to your nose. Try investing in a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters, since they will trap the dust mites and prevent them from going back in the air. Similarly, these mites can enter the cracks in the floor, so you may want to purchase vacuums with extension kits that can clean through multiple types of surfaces. A handheld vacuum cleaner might also be a good option in this aspect, since it will let you clean through more inaccessible nooks and crannies. Keep in mind that in order for allergens to stay away, you need to clean the house pretty often. Cleaning only once a week won’t do any good for your allergies. Sadly, however, not everyone has time for this. In this case, a robotic vacuum for multiple surfaces will clean the floors while you approaching other tasks. It will be basically doing your job for you, and they are perfect for families that don’t have the luxury of “free time.”

Air Purifiers

Sometimes, the air around you is the main reason why you start sneezing like there’s no tomorrow – so you might want to invest in an air purifier. They can be pretty cheap, and they can filter out the allergens so that you can finally breathe. Technology is pretty neat, and can greatly improve the quality of our life. All you need to do is find the right tools.

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