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The 7 Health Benefits of Yoni Eggs

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The Yoni Egg takes its name from an ancient Sanskrit word that means ?holy triangle center of origin womb or vagina.? It is a holy word that is associated with the birth of the universe and the pinnacle of divine knowledge. Yoni egg exercises help to preserve the flow of Chi or prana energy as they empower the pelvic floor. Following are some of the other benefits of regular practice of Yoni Egg exercises. What are the 7 Benefits of Yoni Eggs? Why is the use of Yoni Eggs becoming so popular today? It must have something to do with the special benefits that come from daily exercise. Here is what you need to know.

  • Healthy Pelvic Floor

Strengthening the pelvic floor requires special exercises that nourish and activate the nerves in this region. Yoni eggs help to bring your focus to the muscles that need contracting which can allow for more precise efforts in strengthening these muscles.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

When you begin to regularly practice the kegel exercises with your Yoni Eggs, you will begin activating and engaging the nerves and muscles in this region which can also boost muscle strength. Both men and women can benefit from this improved circulation which allows for better climaxing and can treat incontinence.

  • Strong Chi Energy

Feminine energies can also be cultivated and manipulated when used contemporaneously with yoni eggs. This was something ancient practitioners of Chi cultivation knew well and would use their craft to improve virility and vitality.

  • High Chances of Orgasmic Vibrations

With a strong pelvic floor, you will be capable of responding to and experiencing the pleasure of sensual contact far more deeply. The strengthening on muscle groups extends from the vaginal walls to the lower abdominals. Climaxing is far more enjoyable with the assistance and training provided by Yoni Eggs.

  • Matchless Kundalini Force

Life forces energies are completely renewed with the opening of the 2nd Sacral Chakra. This activates subtle kundalini energies which drives enthusiasm and sets dedication and commitment ablaze. This is the same reason that performing yoni egg exercises can help to preserve chakra energies as you progress in your training.

  • Better Sex because of Yoni Eggs

Exercising the sex organs is an important part of enjoying and performing well in sexual encounters, this is another good reason to practice with the Yoni Egg. The results in your performance and experience will be dynamic.

  • Effortlessly Lubricates

Another important benefit that will have a big impact in your sex life is the capacity to stimulate and promote vaginal lubrication naturally. Once you have become well-established in your routine, vaginal dryness will be a thing of the past no matter what your age.

  • Tantric Bonding for Couples

Tantric bonding means sharing deep adoration and sexual appreciation for each other. There are many ways to accomplish this but Yoni Eggs can form and important part of tantric practices.

  • Emotional Bonding with Your Yoni

You will notice that a deeper appreciation for your Yoni Eggs will develop the more you practice with them. This is the Chi Energy being cultivated and aligning your heart and sacral chakras. The ongoing process is one of cultivating a deeper connection with the self.

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