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Try These Delicious And Healthy Alternatives To Junk Food

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Our diet is one thing many people neglect every day, either due to a lack of time, preparation, or other factors. Regardless of such, our diets are important because what we put in our bodies can determine how healthy our bodies will be and how well our bodies will perform their job. It can be tempting to resist the urge to indulge in treats, overeat or eat food that we know has no nutritional value. Yet, we continue to do so. An indulgence every once and a while is not a bad thing, but eating foods with no nutritional value on a regular basis may adversely impact your health.

It is recommended that all people eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and prevent potentially harmful complications of bad dietary choices, according to the National Health Service. So what healthier snack options or alternatives are at your disposal? Let’s take a look at some common snacks and what healthier options may lie in store for you.

Healthier Choice: Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a common craving for many people, but unfortunately, it can also be high in fat and sugar. That doesn’t mean you have to can chocolate altogether. Pure dark chocolate is actually one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. This is because it is nutritious and contains potassium, magnesium and other important nutrients that can help your heart. It is also filled with antioxidants, that may help keep you young.

Healthy Hamburger Option

Hamburgers are a very popular form of fast food in America. Depending on how they are prepared, burgers can be high sodium and saturated fat. Fortunately, it?s still possible to enjoy a good burger while watching your diet. Simply opt for a leaner cut of meat, smaller portion size, or healthier style bun whenever possible. A common misconception of watching your diet is that you can’t enjoy your favorite foods. In some cases diets are significantly restricted, while other diets have more flexibility. For example, weight loss for men can be a bit tricky, however, there are diets where you don?t have to give up certain foods. These diets focus on finding the right balance for your diet, while still enjoying the foods you love.

Dessert time: Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the biggest indulgences in America, partly because it is a nice cool treat to eat on a warm summer night. While having this on occasion poses little problems, it is also high in fat and sugar. A better alternative would be frozen yogurt, which is considerably lower in both and even contains probiotics that assist your digestive system a great degree.

Healthy Hosting Tips

Unhealthy eating which is unplanned is not limited to snacks on the run. Think about all the times you?ve encountered catering at work and social functions within the last six months. Opting for healthier options when feeding a large group of people is an important part of eating well. If planning a gathering in the near future, consider going with a catering service priding itself on healthier choices. Top catering companies in Los Angeles and other major cities are increasingly putting more effort into supplying their clients with more nutritious options which are every bit as delicious.

When hosting be conscious if your guests dietary restrictions and preferences. For example, one of the biggest places where people make nutritional mistakes when it comes to catering is alcohol. If you’re serving alcohol at a gathering, consider gluten-free options such as light beer, soda, or wine. This can appeal to those who may have dietary requirements. Here’s a scary fact for you. Drinking five pints of beer a week can add up to about 44,200 kcal over the course of a year. That is the equivalent to eating about 221 doughnuts.

If you are catering, consider options that are low in fat, sugar, and carbs, but can still provide you with nutritional value. Your guests may thank you in the long run as well.


As you can see, eating a balanced diet is incredibly important for the human body. Make wise decisions with your body, and you will live a healthy, stress-free life.

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