The Most High-Demand Specialized Nursing Careers In 2019 And Beyond

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  With an aging population at hand, the demand for medical professionals — especially nurses — has never been higher. The Baby Boomer generation which accounts for the largest population demographics around the world is entering their senior years. This has put an unprecedented strain on most medical systems. Men and women that have a high degree of compassion, a need to help their fellow man and an optimistic outlook are being drawn towards the nursing industry. Not only are nurses the backbone of any medical facility but they serve on the front lines of patient care. With the right nursing education and training, you could enter the nursing field in a number of different capacities. Nursing, along with many medical disciplines, has become highly specialized. There are a number of areas that nurses can choose from to pursue a career that fits them personally and where they feel they can be of the most use. Becoming a family nurse practitioner, a travel nurse or an oncology nurse may be the right fit for the passion that you already have. Specialized nursing positions are in high demand, so the extended schooling and training can be worth the sacrifice when it comes to proper compensation and job fulfillment. There are over two dozen positions for nurses in the medical field, but we are going to focus on just a few that will be in the most demand over the next decade. As the population ages, these specialized positions will need to be filled by compassionate and dedicated professionals.

Travel Nurse

If your passion extends from helping people to touring the world to be able to see exotic destinations, then becoming a travel nurse might be the right fit for you. These RNs fill in where they are needed, whether it be in a local facility where there is a shortage of personnel or perhaps in a far-off country where there has been a natural disaster that requires immediate emergency personnel. To be a travel nurse you need to be highly adaptable. Every time you start a new position you will be faced with getting to know the facility you are working in and building relationships with the other staff. If you are highly organized and can get into a workflow quickly you should be able to cope with the constantly changing landscape of being a travel nurse.

Med-Surgical Nurse

These specialized nurses spend most of their careers in the emergency room and surgical floor of the hospital. You will likely be responsible for the immediate care of a number of patients at the same time that are either being prepped for surgery or in some form of recovery. A Med-Surgical nurse needs to be highly organized and focused to be able to deal with the often high-stress environment of the surgical ward. You will work with a variety of medical teams and need to be ready for anything.

Oncology Nurse

These specialized nurses need to have a strong sense of compassion and empathy when dealing with a range of patients who are dealing with cancer. You will be involved with patients of all ages and backgrounds from the time they are diagnosed, through their treatments and during their recovery. It takes a special nurse to deal with the constant tragedies that are common in the cancer wards of any facility. A strong mental state, an infallible sense of optimism and the ability to look beyond the issues that you cannot change are a must for any oncology nurse.

Nurse Anesthetist

This kind of position requires an advanced RN practice degree and a special certification to be able to administer anesthetics to patients. You may work inside a hospital in a support position or you may be in a private office or clinic. Your qualifications will allow you to give an anesthetic to patients in a number of circumstances. Once you have the proper training you will have to pass a National Certification Exam given by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists.

Nurse Midwife

Primarily because of the costs associated with giving birth to a child inside a hospital, many parents are choosing to have home births. These occasions will be supervised by a qualified and licensed midwife. As a nurse-midwife, you will be able to assist in births as well as providing prenatal and postnatal care to mothers and infants. In many cases, a nurse-midwife may be the primary care provider during pregnancy and following the birth. Through wellness and health education a nurse-midwife can help to supervise and advise a mother through her entire pregnancy and birth.

Nurse Practitioner

This advances position requires further education and qualification. A nurse practitioner has many of the same skills and qualifications as a doctor. They are able to diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for their patients. In many rural areas, where doctors to be found are few and far between, many patients rely on professional treatment from a nurse practitioner. You will deal with patients of all ages and backgrounds as a nurse practitioner.


There are so many areas of the medical field where nurses can excel. If you are looking for a fulfilling and meaningful career where you can be helpful, becoming a specialized nurse might be the right path for you.

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