These Healthy Gifts For Your Mom Will Make Great Mother’s Day Presents

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There are a few times a year when you need inspiration for a gift for your mom. A birthday, anniversary and of course Mother?s Day are the few that come to mind. But what?s the best gift for an active mom? The key is knowing what she’s into and more importantly, what she needs.

Exercise Equipment for Her

If your mother is into staying in shape, there are many things she can use to get fit from the comfort of home. Let?s start off with exercise machines. An elliptical allows for a full range of motion and it works the entire body. Another option is a treadmill as it gives your mom the opportunity to walk, jog, or run indoors if she’s so inclined. Last on the equipment list is a stationary bicycle. New technology provides riders with interactive lessons as it keeps track of heart rate, calories burned and miles traveled. Choosing the right gym equipment for mom will ensure it?s used day in and day out.

Pamper Her From Head to Toe

Moms love to be pampered, right? So how about treating yours to a spa service. It?s an activity where the two of you can relax and unwind while getting a massage, facial, mani-pedis, and hair styling. Or, you can go the certificate route and pay for mom to try some classes at her local yoga studio. Or, there is an organic flower of the month club that will send beautiful flowers to your mom monthly, so she can decorate her home. If your mom frequents the local gym, consider hiring a personal trainer. Lastly, for the mom that enjoys selfcare, surprise her with products such as that trendy anti aging cream everyone’s talking about.

Prepping, Cooking and Organizing the Kitchen

This is an area where you can make a big impression. First and foremost, you can invite mom over for a home-cooked meal or suggest cooking for her at her house. If your mom loves to snack, then a subscription box full of treats can be a real winner. For the mom that is a wizard in the kitchen, you can supply her with some new kitchen organization products to simplify her life while preparing meals. And if she’s super busy, consider a meal box subscription to take the guesswork out of cooking on specific nights of the week.

Now for the Tech

The options here are vast and it?s important to consider your mama?s taste. Because if she?s just not into it, you’ll be throwing money away. Smart watches are a quick and easy birthday present for the active momma in your life. They allow for easy view of her vitals as she exercises. Then there are audio players. Yes, she can use her phone but can she do so while swimming? How much fun would an underwater MP3 player which will allow mom to listen to her favorite tunes, podcasts, or audio books while doing laps in the pool be? So take a moment and ask her about her activities. This way, you can make an informed purchase and get mom the right gift.


No matter what you get your mom for Mother’s Day, it’s the thought that counts – but it’s that much more fun when she also happens to love the gift! Try one of the gifts above and watch Mom’s face light up as she gets happy and healthy.

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