How To Choose Gym Equipment That’s Right For You

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Exercise is good for health – that needs no mention – but it is only effective when you do it regularly. And this can be the biggest challenge for health and fitness enthusiasts, the majority of who start exercises with a bang only to go through a phase of waning excitement in no time that results in quitting the routine altogether. The key is knowing how to choose gym equipment that works for you.

That has been the picture across the world, and the high dropout rate is also the secret of gyms and fitness centers turning into a multi-billion industry. The gyms display an array of equipment that makes people believe in its powers to give them a healthy body, but the fact remains that to launch an effective exercise program you must accept the limitations of the body.  Indeed, equipment does help to improve things, but to the extent, the body agrees with the rigors of exercise.

It will be a mistake to believe only in the equipment for developing the body because the results would depend on practicing the exercises regularly. Even if you are using the best equipment, regularity matters most. Secondly, you must learn to use gym equipment safely so that you do not injure yourself that can interrupt the routine temporarily or permanently. Lastly, you must decide what of exercises you must do that determines the selection of equipment that is different for doing cardio and strength exercises.

Get guidance from a Home Fitness Equipment Supplier

Presumably, you have some understanding about different gym equipment and know a thing or two about it that can help to select the right type of equipment. But the same equipment comes in all shapes, sizes, models and price range and it is helpful to seek the guidance of some gym and fitness equipment supplier like Hire Fitness to do the right selection by balancing your needs with the budget. In addition to the guidance, it is always beneficial to check consumer ratings to back up your decision.

Here is a list of some cardio and strength equipment that can meet your basic requirements for exercising at home.

  1. Elliptical trainers

Elliptical trainers are a hybrid of stair steppers and ski machines in its functionality that provides a circular up and down motion. The equipment allows low-impact exercising that is quite easy on the joints. You can keep on adjusting the resistance and grades either manually or automatically depending on the model. By using the levers with handgrips, you can work the upper body too. Ensure that the handlebars are comfortable, and the pedals are non-slip with curved edges. Test the stability of the machine by operating it at various speeds and grades before firming up the selection.

  1. Stair steppers

It is another equipment meant for low-impact exercises that aid cardio functions and simulates the action of climbing up flights of stairs. Although the exercise aims at strengthening the leg muscles while improving the blood flow through the body, you can use it for arm exercises too by choosing a model with levers and handgrips. In the beginning, the exercise might appear strenuous and hard on knees. The ideal machine should allow independent foot action and have large stair platforms with handrails.

  1. Rowing machines

To work out the arms, legs, and backs together at the same time there is nothing better than the rowing machine. The overall effect of the exercise covers almost the entire body. Since most people are not used to rowing, there may be an initial hard feeling on the back, and the movements might appear strange.  The machine is available in pulley models and piston models and for a more realistic experience, the rowing action that closely resembles that action of pulling a rope over a pulley, the pulley model is the right choice.

  1. Cross country ski machine

Skiing allows you to exercise the arms and legs simultaneously and the machine helps to simulate the action indoors. In some machines, the skis move independently whereas in some others you must move one ski forward so that you can make the other move back. The machines come with handgrips or ropes depending on the construction. A wide footbed for stability is must, and you must try out which machine you are comfortable with.

  1. Treadmill

The treadmill is perhaps the most common cardio exercising machine that you will come across. A motorised treadmill with a smooth surface is the preferred choice, and the belt should be wide and long enough to match with your stride. The front rail and a sturdy frame ensure safety. For walking at a comfortable pace, you must adjust the speed and grade.

  1. Stationery bicycle

It is easy to use an exercise bike that does not need any special skills. Cycling is excellent for improving cardiovascular health even though it does not ensure the prevention of osteoporosis. Choose a model with comfortable handlebars, toe clips, non-slip pedals and adjustable seat so that you can fix it at the most comfortable level.

Now let us look at some strength improving equipment.

  1. Hand weights

Dumbbells are the most common type of weight training equipment. Weight training for hands can begin from various weight nomenclatures of 2 pounds, 5 pounds and 8 pounds depending on the kind of strength you currently have. You can keep increasing the weights gradually. Choose dumbbells with D-shaped weight bars and padded centre bards that are easy to hold.

  1. Ankle Weights

Hip extension and side leg raise are some strength exercises that make use of ankle weights. Weight bars are placed in the pockets of the ankle cuffs that should be padded for comfortable wear.  You can start with half pound weight bar and gradually increase it in increments of half a pound depending on the progress. Using one or two cuffs depends on the type of exercise you do, and the weights are available up to 5 and 10 pounds.

  1. Resistance bands and tubing

Resistance bands made from synthetic and stretchable materials are excellent for strength workout of the full-body. You can get a measure of the resistance that the body can cope with by monitoring the number of times you can repeat an exercise.

Final Thoughts

It is important to make the right selection so that you can enjoy outmost benefits from these equipment. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about exercising in a healthy way.

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