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Things To Consider Before Becoming A Locum Tenens Hospitalist

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A flexible schedule, great exposure, excellent professional opportunities, tax benefits, a handsome salary, and opportunities to travel- owing to the infinite benefits it offers, a locum tenens hospitalist is one of the hottest professions. Right from medicos seeking clinical experience to professionals looking for a more relaxed work schedule to avoid burnout- more and more medical practitioners are taking up this job. 

If you are pondering over accepting locum tenens assignments, here are a few things you should consider first. 

  • Your flexibility and adaptability

As a locum tenens hospitalist, you will get an opportunity to work in new surroundings and settings every time you take up a new assignment. If the prospect of working in a new practice setting excites you, well and good. But if you are someone who experiences a great deal of difficulty in adapting to changes, this job might not work well for you. 

You may have to spend a couple of days to several months in a workplace or community setting. Take up the job if you are flexible and capable of working efficiently in a new work environment. 

  • Your specialty and the experience of the staffing agency 

Of course, you would want to work on an assignment suiting your skillset. So, before joining forces with a staffing agency, consider their experience and reputation of the industry along with your specialty. 

Will the agency be able to find a position suiting your experience and interest? Will the job add on to your credentials or experience?

These are a few important questions to reflect over. 

  • The covers offered by the agency

Another essential thing to consider before taking a locum tenens job is the covers that the agency representing you is willing to provide. For instance, will you be responsible for the travel and accommodation expenses, or will your agency take care of it? Will you get any reimbursement for mileage if your assignment site is away from your lodging? Will the agency cover your malpractice insurance for the assignment? 

 A renowned staffing company might take care of all these expenses, but not all companies follow the suit. Find out whether or not your company is willing to pay for these expenses before accepting the assignment. 

  • Your comfort when working with new people 

As you will move to new places for new assignments, you will meet new people. Every time, you will get a new staff, new patients, and a new community to work with. 

While this might be great news for people who love to meet new people, introverts might find it difficult to work efficiently with strangers. 

If you are an extrovert who doesn’t mind inculcating new friendships and expanding your professional network, take up the job without further ado. 

  • Your family 

The nature of a locum tenens hospitalist’s job keeps them away from their family. If you take up this job, it will take you places, and it will surely affect your family. 

You might not meet them for months. Take up the job only if your family is comfortable with the idea of your temporary absence. 

The bottom line 

The job of a locum tenens hospitalist is laden with numerous opportunities. While it enriches your career, it is also fulfilling and exciting on the personal front. Medical professionals in this job get a chance to travel a lot, meet new people, and experience life to its fullest. But, of course, there are many other things to consider. 

If you have a job opportunity, and you are willing to take it, make sure you understand every aspect of being a locum tenens hospitalist before you say a “yes”.

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