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Follow These 10 Inspirational Physicians on Twitter!

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doctors to follow on Twitter

First published on MedCityNews.

doctors to follow on Twitter

First published on MedCityNews.

Some of the best healthcare startup stories begin with a doctor. Frustrated by an inefficient procedure or lack of a good tool, he devises a solution to bring to the masses.

If it seems like you’ve heard this story more and more recently, it’s not just your imagination. More docs are stepping out of their white coats to back to school to get business degrees, start a company or take on a corporate position. Others are innovating within their hospitals and practices.

Here are some of my favorite physician innovators who share what they’re doing, reading and learning on Twitter:

Dr. Roni Zeiger (@rzeiger): Former chief health strategist at Google; CEO of Smart Patients; TEDMED speaker.

Dr. Saif Abed (@Saif_Abed): Doctor; strategy consultant; digital health startup evangelist.

Dr. Henry Wei (@henryweimd): The only physician in the first class of Presidential Innovation Fellows; previously worked at McKinsey and Aetna’s Innovation Labs.

Dr. Rich Duszak (@RichDuszak): Interventional radiologist; “seeking intelligent healthcare and sustainable value through data-drive innovation.”

Dr. Kathy Stecco (@KathySteccoMD) Entrepreneur; consultant to life science companies.

Dr. Joseph Kvedar (@jkvedar): Director of Partners HealthCare’s center for Connected Health; Healthrageous co-founder.

Dr. Jen Dyer (@EndoGoddess): Pediatric endocrinologist; founder of EndoGoddess LLC, maker of EndoGoal Diabetes App.

Dr. Atul Butter (@atulbutte): Physician scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine; co-founder or health data company NuMedii.

Dr. Rahul Nayak (@TeamMDrs): Gastroenteroloy doc; program director for patient safety at Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Milena Adamian (@madamian): Cardiologist; Life Science Angel Network founder; startup mentor.

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