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Survey Reveals Patient Opinions on HealthCare Websites

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As we talk more an more about ‘Patient Centric” healthcare, surveys reveal patient and consumer opinions on health reform and resources.

Krames Staywell (A research survey company) has tabulated their interests and the means for which they use different forms of communications. Not surprisingly the differences are clearly age-related.  It also differs for office, insurance, hospital, and health information. Social media communication is on the rise as well.


  • quantitative online survey of consumers 21 years of age or older who are responsible for health care decisions for their households
    •     conducted by a full-service market research firm focused solely in the health care environment
    •     interviewing conducted October 21–November 1, 2011
    •     400 interviews completed with a sample error of +/- 4% at the 90% confidence level


The study covered consumer opinions and attitudes on a wide range of health care issues:
•     Level of concern about health care
•     Factors that influence provider selection
•     Interest in electronic medical record
•     New media habits –        awareness and use of mobile technologies
•     Paying for care
•     Importance of quality information
•     Advertising formats and themes with impact

When seeking for information outside the doctor’s office, people use a mix of old school and new school  sources for answers to their health questions.
Where do consumers turn first for health care information? 

The question:

“Besides your physician, from which of the following have you sought health-related information from in the past year?  In rank order from the most frequently consulted to the least:

Consumer health website
Books, magazines, newspapers
Health plan website
Called health plan directly
Health plan newsletter
Hospital newsletter
Newsletter at doctor’s office
TV or radio programs
Hospital website
Called hospital directly
Online support group
A health resources center or library
Consumer Reports
You Tube
CMS Hospital Compare website
Blog or microblog
Mayo Clinic website
Centers for Disease Control
Social media
HealthGrades website
National Institutes of Health
Independent hospital or physician quality ratings organization
Podcast or Webcast

The Most Prevalent Queries relating to health care are:

In Rank Order from most common to least common

Articles on health and wellness
Preventive health information
Answers related to a specific health concern for you/family/friend
Lifestyle advice for everyday use
Health care reform and how it will impact you and family
Clinical information about specific health conditions
Health care articles and information personalized to your own health status
Health care articles and information personalized to the health status of someone you care for
How to prepare for Medicare
Support and advice for managing health-related costs
Accountable Care Organizations
Have not read about any of these topics

Further specific details are available as a download from Krames Staywell



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