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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is Important – And Isn’t Just About Appearances

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  A smile says a lot about a person. In fact, in many cultures, having a healthy set of teeth that you can show off helps people feel more confident in their appearance. Many people believe that a healthy, bright smile helps land a job, strike a business deal, or meet the love of their life. There?s a lot more a perfect smile can do for you, and that?s why many people spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic dental treatments. Here’s why cosmetic dentistry is important.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry, as the term implies, deals with ?beautifying? the teeth by correcting misalignments and getting rid of impairments or discolorations which often make for a flawed smile. But going beyond helping you improve your appearance and self-confidence, cosmetic dental treatments can also offer a wide range of health benefits. Here are a few important takeaways: Maple Dental Health shared a few important takeaways with us:

Prevent Infections

Many oral infections are caused by misaligned and crowded teeth. In the case of crowding, impacted third molars pose a risk to the affected jaw as they grind against the other teeth. In due time, wisdom teeth may cause an infection which poses a risk to the entire oral cavity. Orthodontic treatments can help prevent this from happening. In order to realign crooked and crowded teeth, the impacted molars will have to be extracted. Not only will this leave you with a healthier smile, but also prevents you from getting an infection.

Improve Eating Habits

Missing or chipped teeth can be a problem, especially when it comes down to chewing and breaking down food. It?s along these lines that dental implants serve as a high-value investment. Sure, they can fill in missing teeth or replace damaged ones, but they can also be used to enhance one?s bite and aid in the digestive process. Replacement teeth may not be as natural as real ones, but they?d definitely do a great job.

Rectify Your Facial Structure

The formation of your teeth influences the shape of your face. The dimensions of your head can easily be modified by shifting the positioning and arrangement of your teeth. Extreme cases such as prognathism – or protruding lower jaw – can be corrected through orthodontics. Braces can help realign the teeth as well as re position the jaw.

Prevent Further Tooth Damage

Cosmetic dentistry deals with providing corrections to teeth, but it also provides protection from grinding and decay. With a healthy set of chompers, you don?t only wear a healthy smile, but one that should last you a lifetime. Fixing one issue will lead to fixing a whole range of problems that might occur without the proper preventive measures in place.

Prevent Bad Breath

Bad teeth

don?t look good, and they don?t smell nice either. Bad breath is basically caused by germs that have accumulated in your teeth as a result of tiny bits of food left in between creases and under the gums. Using cosmetic treatments on your teeth will help you fix these issues and also prevent your mouth from smelling bad by getting rid of decay and plaque.


Cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years. But what?s important is that it provides us a great way to lead healthier lives, all while we look our best!

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