Why Counselling For Kids And Parents Is So Important In 2020

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  • Here's why counselling for kids and parents is especially important in these uncertain times

Counselling is often highlighted as the best way of supporting people through mental health issues. The coronavirus pandemic has upended the nation’s mental health. Now, approximately 2.2 million children are experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

This represents what many scientists have feared: a huge mental health epidemic sweeping through the nation. What is particularly worrying is that children so young are experiencing such serious mental health issues.

So what role can a qualified counselling service play in supporting kids and parents?

A Chance to Vent Long Held Frustrations

The relationship between a child and a parent is complicated. Parents may feel like they must keep their feelings buried, whereas their children may not have the emotional development to properly express themselves.

To alleviate much of the stress, counselling services can be incredibly useful. A professional can enable both parents and children to work through their frustrations and get a grip on their mental health.

Dealing with Going Back to Normal Life

With millions of Americans becoming set in their ways, it can be difficult to return to a normal life. Approximately three in 10 children are now experiencing mental health problems as a result of the pandemic, going back to normal life isn’t a matter of just opening the front door.

Counsellors can enable both parents and children to return to a normal life. It can help them to overcome both their fears and doubts about venturing into the real world again.

Accessing the Right Mental Health Treatments for Them

Mental healthcare is woefully provisioned in the US. Did you know that one in five students have no access to a school counsellor, for example?

Approaching a qualified counselling service can enable both parent and child to access proper mental healthcare. In many cases, attending counselling is often the only way of getting the mental health support you need.

Attending regular counseling sessions can be the first step on the road to getting the right mental healthcare. If a diagnosis is required, you will receive one. Referrals from counsellors can be invaluable in getting you the treatment you or a family member needs.

Learning Healthy Habits for the Future

Nobody knows when the current pandemic is going to end. It could take years for society to completely return to normal. The reason why mental health problems can arise in so many is because people don’t have the tools, they need to process their feelings and emotions.

Counselling will only become more important because accessing a professional now can prevent the resurgence of mental health issues in the future.

Contrary to popular belief, counsellors are not just there to talk to you. They are also there to demonstrate techniques that can help you to overcome periods of stress and worry. These can be passed on to your loved ones and friends to help support their mental health too.

Through learning healthy habits for the future, families can be better equipped to deal with stress going forward.

Last Word – Overcoming Mental Health Issues with a Qualified Counsellor

Both parents and children are finding it difficult to contend with the current measures in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Ignoring mental health issues or dismissing them as ‘acting out’ is not going to help anyone.

Counsellors of all types are expected to be inundated with work in the coming weeks and months. Ensure that you and your family have access to mental health support now.

How has your mental health fared during the coronavirus pandemic?

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