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Why Finding A Hobby Is So Important To Senior Health

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The Baby Boomer generation now accounts for the largest part of the population in the U.S. and around the world. With seniors living much longer and more active lives, keeping busy has become very important for them. A sense of purpose and continued activity is very important to the overall health of many seniors. Many seniors struggle with a deep sense of loneliness, stress and even depression. Once their families have grown and moved away, there is less of a natural social aspect to many seniors’ lives. Combined with the fact that most seniors will live many years past their retirement, a sense of purpose that one can get from a hobby or daily activity can be helpful. Active and healthy seniors have a variety of options for fun and fulfilling hobbies to discover. From playing cards with friends to getting out in the garden, there are many ways for seniors to stay active. If you have a senior parent, you may want to get involved to help them find something they are interested in. If your dad loves to fish, maybe you can interest him in picking up the hobby again and even get online to find fly fishing flies here. Making an effort to spend time with your senior family members is a big part of keeping their spirits up and giving them a feeling of direct family involvement. There are many benefits to seniors keeping busy with a hobby. Seniors have a lot of time to fill with any number of interests and hobbies that can help them to feel engaged, creative and active.

Fill The Void

Seniors have more leisure time than anyone else. After retirement, seniors often find that they have 8-10 hours a day to spend doing whatever they want to do. Unfortunately, often boredom, followed by a deep lack of purpose, takes over. When seniors become interested and involved in a hobby, they have something to help them pass the time and keep them active.

Stay Active

There is nothing more damaging to your health than adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting around in an armchair watching endless hours of pointless daytime television can have an adverse effect on your overall health. With less physical activity, muscles tend to shorten and stiffen, making a mark on your overall mobility. When you engage in an active hobby like swimming or yoga, you can not only engage in more social activity with others but help yourself stay more physically fit. Daily exercise can help to elevate mood and help to fight off the feelings of depression that many seniors battle. Get Social Many seniors find that they spend a lot of time alone, especially if they have lost their spouse. Children and extended families tend to be busy with their own lives, leaving a lot of seniors feeling left out and solitary. Getting into a hobby can help seniors to get out of the house and interact with more people. Finding a group that shares the same hobby is a great way to stay engaged and social. The power of a bit of company and interaction with others can go a long way to keep seniors happy and mentally healthy. Engagement When you spend time following a hobby that you love, it can help you to stay mentally engaged. Using memory, repeated motor skills, and intellect can help your brain to stay strong. A hobby that tests your concentration can also be helpful. A hobby like quilting, painting or crafting can be great for your imagination and keep your creative juices flowing. Great Hobbies For Seniors Gardening

  • Get out in the fresh air and stay mobile by tending to your weeding and watering chores. Enjoy the benefits of gardening that will help you to maintain a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.


  • Combine your love of nature with the thrill of travel with a photography hobby. Stay in tune with the latest technology and embrace your imagination through the lens of your camera.


  • Treat your friends and family to some sweet treats. You can even start your own baking business and make a bit of money on the side with your culinary creations.


  • Discover the intriguing details of your family history by getting online and investigating your family tree. Connect with far off relatives and learn the interesting details of where you come from.


  • Spend your days on the water in the sun and fresh air. Relax and enjoy the outdoors and bring home a full stringer of healthy and omega-rich fish for the table.


  • There is nothing better to keep your mind and intellect engaged than reading a really good book. Get a membership to your local library to get all the books that you want at no cost.


  • When you have extra time in your schedule, one of the most rewarding ways to spend it is in service to others. Check out your local listings to find a place where you can pitch in and help out your community.

Conclusion Seniors need to stay involved and engaged in something that has meaning and purpose for them. Choosing a hobby that will keep you active and interested can help you stay sharp and physically healthy so that you can enjoy the many years of your retirement.

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