Why Professionals Recommend Facelifts Above Other Techniques

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  Everyone reaches a point in their life when they look in the mirror and realize they’re visibly aging. Their new less youthful appearance can begin to give them anxiety about their career prospects. It can also harm their overall self-esteem. Many try facial rejuvenation solutions such as Botox injections, but data from the American Society of Plastic Surgery shows that facelifts are still popular and going strong, the reason being that they’re considered highly effective at making individuals who get them look their best.

A Little About Facial Fillers

Facial fillers have become trusted treatments because they’re fast and less invasive. A patient arrives at their physician’s office and gets injected with one of many fillers that fill in wrinkles, marionette lines around their mouths as well as other areas of their faces. The process is quick. They get injected once every few months, though the Food and Drug Administration’s website reminds those who get fillers to choose the healthcare providers who administer them wisely. Some who receive regular facial care are budget-conscious so they will only choose brands and types of dermal solutions that are most affordable. The risks in buying dermal fillers online outweigh the cost benefits, however. Fillers that are significantly lower in price than others should raise red flags.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery

The logic behind getting non-surgical facial work done is that it’s quick, but many who choose the dermal filler route will find that they’re never entirely satisfied with how they look afterward. Plastic surgery, in contrast, involves planning. It’s a lengthy procedure but it leads towards a more dramatically rejuvenated appearance around the neck, chin and other facial areas. Fillers disguise fat while fat is suctioned out of a patient’s face during a plastic surgery procedure. Facelifts or rhytidectomy physically tighten faces. They don’t just fill in lines or impart a temporary effect that has to be redone every few months. Plastic surgery offers the most extensive and long-lasting benefits, which is why Americans have spent so much on procedures in recent years. Plastic surgeons create a surgical plan for each individual who enters their office. What the surgery entails will be based on the desired outcome discussed and other factors. A facelift is a detailed procedure that’s discussed thoroughly during a consultation. One person may just want their brows and cheeks lifted while another may desire more extensive work performed. Some results can be attained in a couple of hours. Some may take a bit longer.

Dermal Filler Costs vs. Plastic Surgery

How much is spent on a facelift depends on what part of the United States it’s performed in, as well as the individual rates of the plastic surgeon. The cost involved is often imagined to be much higher than it is. Those who opt for dermal fillers can spend in the range of $2,000 per visit to their dermatologist. The results are comparatively short-lived, so constant visits are necessary. Someone who undergoes plastic surgery, on the other hand, will retain their rejuvenated appearance for as long as ten years.

Facelifts Don’t Always Require Anesthesia

Being unconscious during a plastic surgery procedure isn’t necessary for every patient. The extent to which a patient is anesthetized depends on how much facial skin is removed as well as other factors. Some procedures can be performed with just local anesthesia. Many patients are capable of going home after plastic surgery procedures. They can have their cosmetic surgical work done on an outpatient basis.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Many who sit down for a consultation with a surgeon have “filler fatigue” and “laser fatigue,” according to New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono. They’ve reached the point where injecting their faces with wrinkle smoothers has stopped being effective, so a plastic surgeon with an array of knowledge and experience becomes the most promising next step. A cosmetic surgeon decides what procedures will be most compatible with the bone structure and health profile of the person they’re consulting. Those who sit down with a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience are making the first step towards attaining clearer and more natural-looking results than possible with filler injections, which is why the number of Americans who undergo cosmetic procedures continues to climb.

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