Why we need Pilates today

James Wilson
September 23, 2018


In the world of aquatic pole aerobics and bungee fitness, it can be difficult to spot the difference between the latest fitness fad and something that will feature in your exercise regime in the longer term. Many people have heard of Pilates but unless you’ve tried it, there’s still a degree of mystery surrounding what it actually is. You may think reformer beds look suspiciously like medieval torture racks. Perhaps you think that you need to already be very fit to attend classes. In reality, Pilates is one of the most inclusive types of exercise that’s available. With progressions or regressions to suit the injured, elderly or the professional Olympian; read below to see what you can expect whether you do Pilates in St Kilda, Fremantle or Byron Bay.


You can do Pilates anywhere. Although many people gravitate towards reformer classes, classic mat repertoire is portable and often a more affordable option for your Pilates workout. While you may use props such as magic circles, Therabands or Bosu balls, many of these can be improvised when you’re on the road or at home without specific equipment. Used to a fitness ball? Find a desk chair with wheels to add a balance challenge into your exercises. Need some light weights? Try some canned goods. The heart of Pilates is using your own body weight as resistance, so there are countless combinations that only require you and some comfortable clothing in order to work out.

Rehab and Prehab

While many of us know how good Pilates is when recovering from injury, rehabilitation is not the only benefit of a studio class. Pilates also provides specialist exercises for those who operate at an elite sport performance level. Corrective exercises not only assist you when you’re recovering from injury, but improve your form, help prevent injury and maximise athletic function. Best of all, you don’t need to be a professional to partake in prehab, a few classes with an experienced instructor will provide you with exercises that you can add to your regular fitness routine. Bonus points for booking a one-on-one session where you can get tailored advice on your form and fitness goals.

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Functional fitness

Although it’s certainly a fitness buzzword these days, Pilates is the original functional fitness. All that thoracic rotational work? That’s to help build strength and mobility for when you need to twist to grab something out of the car. Pelvic floor engagement? Preparing you for when someone tells a REALLY good joke. And all that neutral spine business? Helps us to develop and maintain healthy posture throughout the day.

You may not have realised, but Pilates teaches you to adopt optimal biomechanics. And with practice, this translates to better endurance, balance and coordination to get through the physical realities of everyday life. In addition to the strength and endurance, regular devotees will find they are also more flexible, with specialist stretching featuring in much Pilates practice. Pilates is the ultimate whole body workout, try a class today!