How many times have you needed to make an important calculation or reference some material, but you were away from your office and computer.

How about when you want to show someone a demonstration with your explanation, but don't have the right visuals handy.

Thankfully, there is now “an app for that.”

Among the 50,000 plus apps currently available for the iPhone, there are a number of helpful and informative apps that doctors and med students are relying on in their practice areas and studies.

Although many of the medical apps available for download are trivial or possibly even harmful, there are many that act as a legitimate benefit to medical professionals.

Here are the top 10 that you can start using today.

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Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Doctors and Med Students

  1. Heart Pro: This app, offered by 3D4 Medical in conjunction with Stanford University School of Medicine, allows users to rotate, cut, and label different components of a realistic 3D heart. $17.99
  2. Epocrates: Acting as a mobile drug reference resource, Epocrates provides clinical information on thousands of prescription and OTC drug products. A staggering 50 percent of U.S. physicians rely on Epocrates to help improve patient safety and increase practice efficiency. Free
  3. Medscape: Used by more than 1 million healthcare professionals, Medscape provides doctors with an impressively large, easy to use index of drug reference tools. In addition, the app offers medical news updates as well as a number of other educational and useful features. Free
  4. Anesthesiology i-pocketcards: This app acts as a clinical reference guide, complete with information on scores, classification, algorithm and dosage in relation to anesthetics. $3.99
  5. EyeChart: As the top downloaded medical app of 2011, EyeChart offers randomizable visual acuity exams. Free
  6. Doximity: This app provides a professional social network for physicians and healthcare professionals across the United States, allowing for easy and beneficial communication. Free
  7. The ECG Guide: This comprehensive app provides up to date information as well as 200 plus high resolution illustrative examples of different types of ECGs. $4.99
  8. MedCalc: With hundreds of thousands of downloads, MedCalc has become a trusted medical calculator for many. The app provides users with easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. $.99
  9. PsychTerms: Containing several thousands of psychological words and terminologies, PsychTerms serves as a handy reference for physicians and students. Free
  10. Pocket Lab Values: This app provides users with access to more than 320 common and uncommon lab values, making it the ideal companion for medical students and professionals. $2.99

These iPhone apps as well as others are continually evolving to keep up with the ever-growing field of professional health care.

They exist to keep medical professionals better informed and knowledgeable in their respective fields and job responsibilities.

In many cases, using the appropriate app to double check a diagnosis or prescription could save a physician from a malpractice lawsuit, or worse, the death of a patient.