In medicine, the “second opinion” is often an important step for a patient deciding on an ideal course of treatment. The opinion of a second physician can help avoid problems such as misdiagnosis, as well as give the patient peace of mind in knowing that a recommended procedure is the best course of treatment and is agreed upon by more than one professional.

Now, through the use of communications technology, patients can seek a second opinion from medical professionals located miles or even continents away. This growing industry, known as telehealth, enables healthcare providers to remotely connect with patients, usually through video conferencing, digital examination devices and clear voice conversations.

In the U.S., a primary care physician most often facilitates this kind of second opinion. After recommending a specialist and arranging a consultation, either in person or via telehealth, when the patient desires a second opinion from another specialist, the primary care physician can set up a second consultation with a qualified physician on the patient’s behalf.

The obvious value of the remote second opinion is that location is no longer a factor in the availability of a specific specialist’s expertise. Telehealth allows patients to connect with the ideal physician for their condition, regardless of geographic restrictions.

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