The holiday season is in full swing with the smell of great cooking in the air! As we prepare for the final holiday celebrations for the year, I would like to encourage each of you to THINK before giving into mindless eating. During the holidays, people tend to celebrate a great deal and eat even more. Come the end of the year, they start planning their New Year’s resolutions – to lose weight, to exercise more and eat less!

eat mindfully

Be mindful of your food choices!

I would like you to fully enjoy your celebrations, but I hope you THINK before giving into mindless eating. I want to encourage you to be MINDful of the food choices you make. If you are diabetic, embrace the cookies, cakes, and pies with your eyes and not your mouth! Remember to live for your LIFE – and not for the tempting moment that will only leave you feeling sluggish and tired within a few hours.

If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, be MINDful of your sugar, salt and fat intake. Remember to live for your LIFE – and not for the tempting moment that may leave you with a headache, feeling uncomfortable and guilty later on.

Don’t stuff the food onto your plates – save the stuffing for the turkey! Enjoy your meal. The pleasure lies in slowing down and embracing the experience, the energy of the food, your loved ones and the season.

Food nourishes and sustains our bodies. Take the time to look at your food, bless your food, bless the hands that prepared the food, and thank your food for what it will do for your body and your health. Chew slowly and often, noticing the changes in the texture of  the food with every bite and savor every moment. Pause often between bites, put your
fork down (something I must learn) and simply breathe. That’s right … BREATHE! No need to rush, no need to stuff.

Simply try a little of everything and take your time – your digestive system will be so thankful! Look at your creation and enjoy its beauty. Look around you and take in the beautiful view of family and friends. Smile for all your blessings and be grateful for choosing to have a SPIRITED, yet mindful, holiday season.

I wish you PEACE and Joy!