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10 Digital Health Mavens to Watch – And Why We Need You to Pick Yourself

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digital health“Pick yourself.”

Seth Godin, the noted marketer (and in my mind, psychologist and self-help guru) says this often.

digital health“Pick yourself.”

Seth Godin, the noted marketer (and in my mind, psychologist and self-help guru) says this often.

What does this mean?  Well, it’s all about having the inner strength, confidence and willpower to do great work, to care, to innovate, to stand up, to show up.

We need you to pick yourself more than ever.  It’s vitally important. 

Why?  Let me explain.

Those of us reading HealthWorks Collective understand that the digital health revolution is upon us.  We’re living it. We’re breathing it. We’re watching (and making) it happen.

But, many of us also struggle with getting our colleagues, teams and organizations to care about and understand digital health.

This is because — whether they are physicians, health executives, marketers or policymakers — they are skeptical, confused, fearful or on the fence about digital health.

In the meantime, there are people, or “digital health mavens,” like Dave Chase of WebMD, Dr. Eric Topol, Susannah Fox, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and others, fighting the good fight and working to educate and inspire the masses to listen, to care, to engage.

But it’s no longer enough for some to lead and the rest to sit on the sidelines. We need everyone in health to accept their responsibility to understand, mold and accelerate the digital revolution.

To help, I’ve put together a brief presentation highlighting 10 extraordinary people (digital health mavens) who are changing the world of health, medicine and wellness with their intense curiosity, relentless pursuit of insights and more.

As you read the presentation, remember this: I’m not the one who decides whether you are a digital health maven.  You decide. Pick yourself. We need you to lead us. 

Please spread the word and help others join digital health maven nation.

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