5 Hospitals Using Pinterest to Boost their Brand

April 19, 2012

There is a lot of press circulating through the business world about the power of Pinterest – a digital pinboard that is now the third most popular social network. But it’s not only big brands that are moving in to include this in their marketing strategies; small businesses, non-profits, blogs, and mom and pop stores are seeing incredible traffic to their sites from Pinterest.

It is no surprise then that healthcare marketing professionals are also using this new social network to expand their reach.

A recent article titled, “Pinterest & Healthy Branding for Hospitals” gave some good insight into the benefits of using this website for marketing purposes.

According to the article, there are many hospitals and organizations using Pinterest to bring a visual interest to their brands and have created pinboards on topics like:

  • rehabilitation exercises
  • healthy foods
  • patient recovery stories
  • children’s safety
  • parenting tips
  • hospital design

This is certainly a fresh, new marketing strategy for healthcare organizations that have relied solely upon more “traditional” methods of advertising in the past. The early success of Pinterest has certainly shown that visualization is powerful, not matter what market or industry one is in, and it has certanily proven to be a helpful tool for healthcare marketers.

Take a look at some of the following Pinterest pages of “big names” in healthcare. (A simple People search for “hospital” will bring you much more if you choose to browse through and see how hospitals around the world are using Pinterest to their advantage.)


St. Jude Children’s Reserach Hospital

Cooper Hospital

Children’s Hospital of Phoenix

Standford Hospital

Massachussetts General Hospital