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7 Creative And Practical Ways To Use Cannabis

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There are millions of Americans who only use marijuana on a recreational basis. Millions more use the potent plant as a medication that helps to alleviate the symptoms of numerous health issues. Legalization is in the minds of many voters and on the agenda of many politicians, and that means that in the coming years, cannabis may become a staple product for tens of millions of people.

Sure, there’s profit in just selling the plant’s buds and the concentrates made from its buds and leaves. However, legalization will bring a number of business opportunities. By learning the number of uses of the cannabis plant, especially the more unconventional ones, profits can be turned. In addition, jobs will be created, and needs will be filled, and consumers will reap the benefits.

Read on below for some of the lesser-known uses of marijuana.

Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are closely related. In fact, people who suffer from one often suffer from the other. High doses of cannabis can exacerbate anxiety, but small to moderate doses of the right strain can help to relieve it. In fact, keeping a vape pen loaded with your favorite flower or oil with you can help relieve anxiety on the go.

Weight Loss Aid

Yes, some strains of cannabis can lead to the munchies. The endocannabinoid system may just hold the clue in how to do the opposite. Cannabis may also be able to help regulate metabolism, too. It’s no magic bullet, though. You’ll still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise.

Treatment for Cancer

Underhyped and underreported is the potential benefits cannabis may play in the treatment of cancer. Some research has shown that cannabis can kill cancer cells, but more than that, cannabis can help make conventional cancer treatment like chemotherapy more pleasant, too. More research needs to be done in the realm of it being a weapon against cancer, though. If you have questions about marijuana as a potential treatment, visit a local medical marijuana dispensary. They’re often very knowledgeable and help cancer patients on a daily basis.

Alternative to Painkillers

Cannabis has been known to relieve pain for millennia. Almost everyone is aware of the current opioid epidemic and how it is fueling overdoses and patients turning to heroin when they can no longer get prescription pain relievers. There’s a lot of research still to be done, but many anecdotal stories say that cannabis is a potential weapon in the fight against chronic pain.

Pet Therapy

Because cannabis alone can be poisonous to pets, you might want to keep it out of Fido or Fluffy’s reach. However, there are products sold specifically for pets that contain CBD. These products are sold to help older dogs and cats with arthritis and have also helped calm pets who have anxiety issues, such as being afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks.

Skin Repair

Smoking has a notoriously bad effect on a person’s skin. So, what, you may ask, is the point of skin repair on a marijuana benefits list? When you combine the healing properties of cannabis with topical skin treatments, you can help treat acne, keep your skin moisturized, and restore a youthful glow.

Sexual Health

Sure, getting high and getting jiggy with someone else is a well-known benefit of marijuana. However, scientists are currently exploring how cannabis might be able to protect people from STDs. Studies are currently being conducted as to if marijuana might help cure herpes or help fight HIV. Cannabis might even be a viable replacement for Viagra, though that still needs more research.


From helping with depression to fighting anxiety, there are numerous uses for cannabis. Some people are even using it in the fight against addiction to everything from nicotine and tobacco to opioid drugs. Researchers are finding that cannabis may help people suffering from PTSD and ADHD.

Cannabis legalization may be just over the horizon and that means that being able to reap the benefits this plant can produce is within reach. All it takes is a little research and creative ingenuity and you can put the plant to work for you.

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