An Honest Look At Supplementing CBD And THC To Maximize Benefits

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The healthcare world sees the benefits of medical marijuana as well as CBD usage. Those outside of the healthcare industry trying to legislate what has been shown to provide relief is laughable in many states. The common person is far more open to using marijuana or CBD to medicate than they were even a decade ago. The older generation is finding that there are immense benefits for those that have trouble sleeping or with joint pain when using compounds that can be derived from marijuana. The following is an honest look at using CBD with THC as well as facts about both compounds that might change the mind of a person not informed on the topic.

At Times Dosages In CBD And THC On Products Are Incorrect

Taking too much THC can impair you and impact plans for what you were going to do for the day. CBD does not have these impacts if you take too much of the compound. The industry is becoming more regulated due to the mislabeling of products with companies making them too strong or weak. Most of the time the issue is that there is not enough THC or CBD in a particular product. For those producing these that are inexperienced this can lead to one product being very weak while another is extremely potent. The higher end luxury dispensaries invest in products that are tested in labs not associated with the company to ensure quality. They understand that delving into recreational/medical cannabis can be a bit intimidating. Experts will guide you in what can help you instead of purchasing products blindly then hoping to receive the desired effect. The High Note mentions etiquette as well as what to expect for those new to THC or those using cannabis for the first time. Expectations are important when doing this as being too anxious can ruin an otherwise enjoyable time by overthinking it.

Not All People Can Use THC With CBD Due To Their Employers

THC is simply not an option for many people that have to adhere to drug testing policies that lists marijuana as a prohibited substance. People that work for government contractors or private businesses are not able to use THC products if their employer doesn’t allow it. CBD though as it does not contain traceable amounts of THC when derived from industrial hemp can be used by a variety of people. The one thing to be cautious of is using CBD from trusted providers as the extraction process will ensure not THC is present. The last thing anyone wants to do when trying to find relief from CBD is test positive for THC then lose their primary source of income.

Everyone That Tries THC Doesn’t Like It

The truth is regardless of what supporters for recreational marijuana say is that not everyone will like THC’s impacts on them. With this being said, many people that have tried THC then had a panic attack or felt uncomfortable most likely did too much whether they had an edible, vaped, dabbed, or smoked it in the traditional way. The ability to go to work daily and produce at a reasonable level is not possible for some when using THC. This does not mean that all people are not productive as there are plenty of people that use CBD/THC daily that are immensely productive. If a person is going to try THC for the first time it should be a small dose in a controlled and comfortable setting.

THC Does Have Medical Benefits

THC has been seen as the recreational compound from marijuana but it does have medical benefits. People that struggle with insomnia as well as chronic pain have found great relief in THC. The right and suggested medical treatment for some medical marijuana patients is a combination of both THC as well as CBD. The chemical compounds are different so they will have different benefits as well as drawbacks. THC can be used to medicate so understanding this is important as citizens should not be limited on ways to naturally help themselves without possibility of physical dependence on the compound.


The healthcare industry is going to gradually change more and more in regards to THC as well as CBD. Take time to see the different benefits of supplementing THC with CBD as they can be extraordinary.

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