Melanie Lepow

Melanie Lepow is a PR professional and certified health freak with a penchant for the creative. She has an extensive background in finance and technology, starting off at a bank at only 18 years old and moving up in the ranks. Now, she focuses on health and living her best life. She was raised in LA and is true beach girl, chronicling her beach bum travel stories from continent to continent for a number of blogs. She reads and writes on all sorts of topics, she has a real interest in crypto-currency lately! She also really loves healthy living, animals and classical music.
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12 Ways to Optimize Your Run

Herbalife Nutrition and Fitness Herbalife Nutrition has a reputation for attracting the…

Melanie Lepow Melanie Lepow

How Music Can Transform Your Health

Dr. David Samadi Advocates Music as a Natural Treatment for Ill Health…

Melanie Lepow Melanie Lepow

Varicose Vein Treatment – EVLT Versus Sclerotherapy

EVLT (Endovenous Laser Therapy) and sclerotherapy are the two most popular types…

Melanie Lepow Melanie Lepow