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Herbal Supplements May Contain Toxic Contaminants, Unlisted Ingredients Dangerous to People with Allergies

Thought the vitamins and herbal supplements you purchased to protect your 

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Calling in Sick: It Happens Everywhere, But in Some Countries It Matters More

You wake up coughing, still tired, and running a fever. Question: Go…

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Neuroscientists Discover Roots of Empathy: What Part of the Brain Helps Us Feel for Others?

(Public domain)  Researchers from the Max Planck Institute discover how the supramarginal gyrus…

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Migraines Affect Men and Women’s Brains Differently: Is Addiction in Men Equal to Headaches In Women?

Harvard researcher Nasim Maleki’s well-known study, published in the journalBrain last year, found that…

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Is Acetaminophen Behind The Autism Epidemic?

Although Cuba’s per capita income is about eight times lower than that…

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Lyme Disease Vaccine: Cautionary Tale or Opportunity for Renewed Activism?

First published on Medical Daily First published on Medical DailyA recent New York…

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