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Carrier Oils Vs. Essential Oils: Which One Is Preferred In Aromatherapy

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Consumables are expected to hold a significant share in aromatherapy market with rapidly surging therapeutic application of the essential oils for several disease conditions. Consumables hold the potential of immense healing properties naturally, thereby turning out to be significantly lucrative for the revenue growth of aromatherapy market. Growing demand for treatment of skin and heart diseases is expected to push the sales of consumables in the aromatherapy market – and that aromatherapy market leads us to the popular question of carrier oils vs. essential oils.

Consumables include essential oils that are extracted from plants and are processed naturally. They are non-toxic and safe for topical inhalation uses. Rapid increase in the number of people adopting self-medication remedies for the common cold and pain is expected to further stimulate the demand for consumables. Rising number of clinical aromatherapy programs will continue to drive the demand and supply of consumables in the aromatherapy market owing to increasing consumer need for attaining natural measures.

Comparison between Carrier Oils & Essential Oils

Both carrier oils and essential oils are vital in the aromatherapy with individual therapeutic benefits. Carrier oils are sourced usually from fatty parts of the plants whereas essential oils are sourced from the non-fatty areas and aromatic portion of the plants. Carrier oils do not hold potency, which helps in eliminating skin irritations or burns when applied directly. However, essential oils are highly potent and holds high probability of burns with severe skin irritation. Therefore, need for diluting essential oils with carrier oil stimulates the demand for carrier oils in aromatherapy market. Surging cases of hair and skin treatments is expected to further drive the demand for carrier oils in aromatherapy.

Carrier oils do not easily evaporate and degrade whereas essential oils evaporate and degrade especially when exposed to light. Need for obtaining nutrient benefits drives the sales of carrier oils as essential oils loose nutrients during the distillation process. Usage of plastic bottles is possible only with carrier oils as essential oils when stored in plastic bottles tend to dissolve. Contamination of essential oils is prevented with increasing usage of glass and metal containers. Non-volatile factors of carrier oils further increases its preference amongst the consumer-base in aromatherapy market.

Demand for Carrier Oils to Witness Upsurge in Hair Treatments

Moisturizing benefits of carrier oils with provision of direct usage on skin is expected to significantly drive the demand and supply of carrier oils across the globe. Carrier oils are expected to continue gain traction in the hair treatment due to its nourishing, strengthening, sealing and moisturizing properties. Carrier oils helps in dissolving and loosening hardened build-up hair shaft and scalp. Moisturizing benefits with carrier oils are likely to gain notable traction amongst the population with dry hair.

Carrier oils such as “Extra Virgin” Olive oil are highly beneficial for preventing and curing hair loss. Several carrier oils such as coconut oils act as hot-oil deep treatment conditioners, which is considered as an emerging trends in aromatherapy. Carrier oils further help in scalp circulation along with presence of the antioxidants that help with hair growth. Some carrier oils such as almond oil contain light smell, which in most preferred by the millennials. Almond oils hold potential magnesium properties that helps in reducing hair shedding and can significantly improve hair health. Apart from this, almond oils also help in eliminating dry scalp and dandruff. Growing availability of carrier oils at affordable prices compared to essential oils will further stimulate its demand in aromatherapy market.

On the other hand, essential oils are also preferred by a concentrated population as they significantly help in scalp health and scalp treatments. In DIY hair concoctions and hair products, essential oils are seen to play an essential role.

Final Thoughts

Carrier oils and essential oils both have their own important uses, and both can contribute to a health-focused lifestyle. However, it’s very important to understand the difference and know which one is best for individual situations. Each have their own strengths.

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