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Check Out NCOA’s Offerings for Caregivers/Seniors/Boomers

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Do you help older adults find benefits?
If so, be sure to check out the new website for NCOA’s National Center for Benefits Outreach & Enrollment. Now part of NCOA.org, the site includes a host of new features. Download fact sheets with detailed info about core benefits programs and find promising practices in the clearinghouse. Or look through the library for sample benefits outreach materials, webinar slides, and publications—all searchable by topic, state, and keyword.

Learn to live better with a chronic condition

Do you or an older adult you know have an ongoing health problem such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or arthritis? A new website from NCOA could help you find a workshop that can lead to a healthier life. Visitors can learn more about the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, see if it’s right for them, learn how it works, find an in-person or online workshop, and watch success stories of participants.
  1. See if a workshop is right for you.

    Answer five simple questions, and the site will help you decide if a self-management workshop is right for you. It takes just three minutes to see if you’re ready.

  2. Learn how it works.

    Watch two short videos to see what the workshops are all about. One video focuses on the in-person workshops, and the other explains the online workshops.

  3. Find a workshop.

    The site makes it easy for you to find an in-person workshop near you. Just click on your state to see what’s available. Or, you can sign up for an online workshop and take the class from the convenience of your own home.

  4. See success stories.

    Read stories of real people who have taken the workshop and are now living healthier lives. Says Laura of Oregon: “The six-week course exposed me to new ways of thinking about myself and the medical problems that affected my life. [It] gave me new strategies for keeping depression and pain at bay, ways to relax my mind and body, and eye-opening ideas about exercise that I could do.”

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