Fitness Freaks: The Story Behind Australia’s Major Bodybuilding Trend

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  • Australia is experiencing a major bodybuilding movement, so fitness experts should understand the changes it has led to.

Australia, being the land of dangerous animals and poisonous insects has contributed to the toughness and strength of their people. This even extends to the bodybuilding and fitness craze in Australia since the early 1940s.

Factors shaping the Bodybuilding Trend in Australia

We have talked a lot about major bodybuilding trends in the past, such as HGH level moderation. However, there are other factors affecting the trend as well.

So, the endless love for protein powder, weights, and abs are not unfamiliar to the Aussies. This article will elaborate on the facts and changing trends about the current bodybuilding trend in Australia.

Fitness Facts

The fitness centers in Australia are on the rise for the past three years. Although the present pandemic situation has brought in a decline of 5.9%, people are becoming more health-conscious. Gyms are the second most participated sport by the Australians. A report by the Suncorp Bank Cost of being Fit says that people spent about $8.5 billion on fitness in 2014. This would definitely have reached $10 billion in the years following that.

Bodybuilding Trends in Australia

Earlier, the methods of bodybuilding were more traditional and monotonous. However, more studies are being undertaken now, and the possible variations in techniques that can be used are also discovered. Personalized training sessions and diets are on a trend now. Let us take a look at the other upcoming fitness trends in Australia.

1. Upgraded Technology and Experts:

Earlier, it was difficult to keep track of the calories burnt or your heart rate while on a treadmill. Now, all of this information is synced to your phones in the form of apps. Activity Trackers, Smartwatches, Heart Rate monitors are some advanced gadgets that are available.

There are degrees and certificate programs available to be a certified training professional. Presently, people rely on professionals more to have effective training, especially for things like building forearms.

2. Customized Diets:

The available personal trainers are experts in everything related to bodybuilding. That even includes the diet of a person. The body type of people varies, and so do their dietary requirements. Some might need an excess of protein powder, while some others might need more carbs.

All these needs of the client can be met even from far away, thanks to online possibilities.

3. Switch to exercises with weights:

Earlier weights were a part of “Strength training” in the gyms of Australia. However, this trend has changed, and weights have become a part of every exercise. It also includes medicine balls, barbells, and kettlebells. Bodyweight exercises are more often done with minimal equipment, thus making it affordable for everybody.

4. Inclusive Training Programs:

Facilities are available for all kinds of training programs in Australia. That includes individual and group exercises for all age groups. It is estimated that there are more women and older people in fitness and gym training. The instructors motivate and guide these people through different fitness levels.

People have, nowadays, become more aware of the necessity to exercise. Physical activity and exercises are meant to be part of the treatment plans to have better results. This can help in attaining a longer and disease-free life.


Australia has produced many bodybuilders like Lee Priest and the hosts of various bodybuilding championships. The number of governing bodies for bodybuilding in Australia like the INBA, IBFF, and ANB itself is proof of their passion for bodybuilding. More than just a casual exercise, bodybuilding is a part of life for Aussies.

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