Five Pre-workout Rituals to Prepare You for a Great Workout

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  • Pre-workouts are very important for anybody trying to exercise safely and effectively

If you do not train to a professional standard, you may think having pre-workout rituals is somewhat excessive. But if you want to achieve the very best results from training, doing specific pre-workout rituals can really help. Just like professional sportspeople will prepare in various ways before a game or event, the more you prepare your mind and body before you start your workout session, the better you will perform. Here are five pre-workout rituals you could try to prepare for a great workout session.

1.    Take the Supplement that Chris Bumstead Uses

The two-time winner of the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique title, Chris Bumstead, takes a pre-workout supplement before he embarks on his heavy compound exercises. Whether you are competing at high bodybuilding levels like Chris or you just want to push yourself more and attain better performance, you could benefit from the special edition Jacked Factory pre-workout powder BUM to maximize your workouts.

While the Chris Bumstead pre workout BUM supplement contains plenty of caffeine to get you going, caffeine only goes so far in improving your workout. The BUM formula contains fifteen active ingredients that help to amplify your blood flow, boost your strength, enhance your endurance, increase your muscles, and optimize your recovery time. So, if you want to give Chris Bumstead a run for his money, or you simply want to prepare for a great workout, try the Jacked Factory pre-workout supplement BUM.

2.    Eat Nutrient-rich Food and Lots of Carbs

Supplements can be great for aiding workouts, but they need to be accompanied by the right amount of nutritious foods. Nutrition is crucial for workout performance, recovery, and overall progress. So, about ninety minutes to two hours before you start your workout, eat a high-protein meal that contains things like fatty fish or complex carbs like oats and rice. Getting carbohydrates into your system is essential if you are doing resistance training because the workout largely relies on your body’s glycolytic energy system, which is fueled via stored carbs.

3.    Drink Water

Even if you are only slightly dehydrated, it can have a negative impact on your workout performance, so make sure you drink water as part of your pre-workout ritual. Your training will result in your body losing fluid, so it is pivotal you are hydrated before arriving at the gym. However, aim to drink plenty of water about ninety minutes before your workout. If you drink too much water directly before a session, you could experience nausea.

4.    Mentally Prepare Yourself

If you become distracted while you work out, it can have a negative effect on your training. Quite simply, the more you focus, the better your training sessions will be. So, take some time out before a workout to mentally switch on. You could watch a training video or another motivational video to get you focused and ready, or you could simply take some quiet time to visualize your upcoming workout session to ensure your mind is only on one thing. Whether you use visualization techniques, meditate or watch motivational vids, the important thing is to eliminate distractions so you can fully focus your mind on your body.

5.    Play Motivational Music

Speaking of motivating yourself before a workout, one of the best ways of getting pumped up with excitement about your training session is to play uplifting and inspiring music before you enter the gym. Select music that makes you feel euphoric, ready for a challenge, and able to tackle any obstacle in front of you.

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