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Further Thoughts on Google Glass

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Here are some major advantages:


Here are some major advantages:

  • hands free browsing and video/photos
  • lightweight and minimally intrusive
  • can look at someone while browsing or during a hangout rather than looking down at a cell phone
  • many possibilities for uses in healthcare and medicine – see this article from iMedicalApps. One additional thought – how about physicians receiving alerts on their patients’ lab results via Glass
  • camera quality is excellent

Some downsides or challenges for developers to fix:

  • dependent on open wireless networks or activating your phone as a personal hotspot ($$$$$)
  • messages, searches and alerts limited to short text – considering the scale of the device, not sure how much more we can expect. If there is something that requires more detailed attention, we are at least alerted and can view it on a laptop
  • especially in healthcare, privacy concerns since one can take an image of anyone without their permission. Maybe the device should have a small light indicating that a recording or photo is being taken
  • If you are close to someone who also has Glass, their device might follow your verbal commands, “OK, Glass”. This actually occurred during my orientation
  • Availability of prescription Glass

Most of these are easy to solve. The challenge is using this new technology in healthcare, developing apps, use cases and broader adoption.

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