Here’s How To Flush THC Out Of Your System Successfully

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Most people who have lost something important due to failing a drug test would attest to wishing they had such an opportunity to find ways of passing the harrowing urine test. I know it’s not as disturbing for someone who has never smoked marijuana before. But then, after reading this, you’ll realize it doesn’t have to get as stressful even for an indulgent smoker.

After one smokes marijuana, the THC level rises in their blood. THC is then broken down into a number of metabolites, such as tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid (THC-COOH). If one prolongs the use of marijuana, THC and its metabolites can get stored into their bodies. In case of a drug test, these metabolites are much more likely to show up.

The amount of marijuana a person smokes on a frequent basis is the core factor that determines the accumulation of THC metabolites within the body. As seen in our latest articles, numerous tests are done to detect the presence of THC or its metabolites in the body. These tests may analyze urine samples, hair, blood, or even saliva. Urine drug tests for marijuana are the most carried out.

THC and its metabolites can as well be stored at body fat level. However, this is determined by the level of adipose tissues present in a person’s body fat composition. People with less adipose tissues tend to store a less percentage of THC, while those with increased body fat will store more THC. This is relative because those with higher levels of adipose tissues provide more storage room for THC molecules.

Well, before going for a THC test, there are a number of ways you can detox your body from marijuana. These might include natural detox methods, the use of adulterants or the most common and easy method, urine dilution.

The tactics below will provide you with a brilliant way to determine whether your urine dilution procedure was successful:

First, you’ll need to assess your Lean Body Mass [LBM]. LBM is basically just a component of body composition. You can calculate your LBM by subtracting your body fat weight from your total body weight.

The value you find from the calculation will determine the amount of water you’ll need to consume.

Next, what you’ll need to do is to mix an electrolyte supplement with water, and drink the solution for three hours. Take 4 ml of the electrolyte solution for every pound of your LBM within the three hours.

Collect a sample of your urine and analyze it for THC metabolites. Another critical analysis you’ll need to make is the test for creatinine levels, which mostly depend on a person’s age, gender, or body size. Creatinine is a waste product that comes from the usual wear and tear on the muscles of the body.

It’s important to use the right test strips in doing this.

Results of most drug tests are expressed in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). The test uses the cut-off point. Therefore, any results above the cut-off are determined positive, and any results below the ct-off point are determined negative.

The primary point of analyzing these results is to tell whether the concentration level of THC metabolites has reduced. It’s advisable to repeat the test and analyze the results after every 3 hours.

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