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How Can an Android Development Company Make a Difference to Hospitals?

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It is hard to deny the amazing technological impact of mobile apps on every sphere of our life. Healthcare field has not stayed aloof from the progress as well. The ecosystem of every health facility requires making a vast amount of vital decisions in a very short period of time. Android development companies develop mobile apps catering to various functions like doctor management apps, e-prescription mobile apps, patient and staff tracking apps, patient check-in and out tracking apps and patient scheduling apps. Basically, Android development companies provide solutions that not only streamline internal procedures but also help in simplifying medical practices. Android development companies assist enterprises of all sizes across numerous industries with mobile technology that provide immediate access to care. Recent research has proved that smartphones app can be used for more than a good game of Angry Birds ? in fact, these apps are revolutionizing the way doctors diagnose, nurses interact and patients receive treatment. However, only 15% of the apps are even marketed to the doctors. Android development companies develop healthcare apps which have both limited and simple functionality. A well-versed mobile app developed by Android development company can provide better access to the various hospital services in need of emergency or otherwise. Accenture reports that 66% of the largest hospitals in the US offer a mobile app. With the use of mobile devices and smartphones skyrocketing, nearly 54% of patients reported that they want to use healthcare apps but only 2% are using their hospital?s app.

The Spread of Android App Technologies

The Android operating system is powering hundreds and millions of smartphones and tablets worldwide. The growing popularity of Android presents marvelous opportunities to businesses to make wider their scope of their business by targeting millions of Android users. The client-centric approach of Android development companies helps to realize the requirement of their clients. Their services are paying attention to creating personalized mobile apps for their clients that help them to achieve their confirmed targets. They provide Android application development services for a wide range of categories. Today?s Android development companies provide complete mobiles solution for hospitals and medical centers that enable anyone to quickly and inexpensively create engaging hospital apps for patients, employees, and visitors. Thus healthcare Android application development has become an essential requirement of the healthcare system.

Medical Apps are on the Rise

There is an increasing awareness in patients about medical health, and it is giving rise to a new set of questions. The doctor and patient interaction play the most vital role in healthcare delivery. A lot of medical apps are being made by Android development companies: workflow management, to patient record management, the multi-purpose healthcare apps – are doing all kinds of medical tasks. However, in this advanced age of technology, it is not arduous to bridge the gap between a doctor and a patient. Android development companies build advanced medical apps that can leverage to improve daily life and foster positive health results. This is possible as Android development companies create customized medical health app solutions that meet the client?s specifications and satisfy their demands. Actually, hospital apps are a great way to engage with patients ? as it provides a much more favorable outcome to the medical issues of the patients and their overall health.

CEO of Keyideas Infotech says ? “Medicine is moving into a more mobile environment. After the recent proposed guidance on Mobile Health Apps issued by FDA, one can expect to see more of approved smartphones apps ? increasing number of physicians who want to apply them to their patient care practices.”

Benefits of Hospital Apps

There are several reasons for Android development companies to build a mobile app for the hospital as it gives lucrative benefits of its users in terms of streamlining complex work processes, improving services and increasing productivity. Developing a mobile app for the hospital from an experienced Android development company provides you the right suggestion to design a successful app for your hospital giving a long lasting benefit to your business. It also assists you in improving your services ? thus playing an important role in increasing your reputation. Android development companies develop apps for a hospital which offer fast and precise transactional and management reports about how the business is doing. Mobile medical app solutions are a reliable source of patient?s data, which can be accessed on the go, and which in turn is capable of reducing medical errors.

Categories of Mobile Apps for Hospitals

With the ever-growing number of apps available to healthcare professionals, below are the three best types of apps for the hospital industry. Analyzed below are the advantages of developing a mobile for each of the different departments that need to handle their tasks efficiently. 1. Hospital Apps for Doctors and Nurses: Many of these apps are designed for the doctors themselves, ranging from handy databases about drugs and diseases to sophisticated monitors that read a person’s blood pressure, glucose levels or asthma symptoms. Many doctors say that these apps have the potential to make healthcare more efficient by speeding diagnosis. Android development companies develop these mobile apps for doctors, which they can use to look up drug information and interact with other physicians. Research has shown that improved communication between physicians is critical in reducing medicine errors. These apps help nurses and doctors to stay connected and share treatment details of patients instantly. These apps are very useful when the doctor is out and it becomes necessary to treat the patients. 2. Apps for Women?s Hospital: For women?s hospital, pregnancy apps give special benefits to their patients in offering best treatments. From scheduling appointment to periodic tests and other reports, these apps help doctors to get instant information of their patients with just at a touch of their smartphones. Millions of people use apps to track their pregnancies. These apps track health information for soon-to-be mothers, logs doctor?s appointments, includes a kick counter, has a place to upload color baby scan images, and provides daily information about the user’s pregnancy. 3. Hospital Apps for Medical Store and Administration: In the hospital, you need to keep stock of medicines, medical equipment, and other instruments essential for operation, surgery or medical treatment. Maintaining store inventory with mobile apps become much easier. Apps for billing, prescription refills and more are streamlining workflow and making it easier for physicians and other medical specialists alike.


The demand for mobile health apps are increasing day by day as healthcare providers as well as patients are able to make the most of it. The majority of the Android development companies specialize in developing customized mobility solutions. Various studies reveal the high acceptance of medical devices and particular applications among health professionals. These Android development companies provide solutions that change the way patients and physicians engage with each other in the healthcare sector. Medical apps for the hospitals are revolutionizing the healthcare sector, dramatically changing the way doctors work, communicate and learn. Not only are apps helping increase efficiency and convenience for doctors, but they are also bringing new ways of working that are helping doctors expand their knowledge and arrive at better medical diagnoses. Android development companies work closely with tech startups, individual medical professionals and established healthcare organizations to build innovative healthcare apps. Despite all these benefits, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what mobile apps can do for healthcare, and we would expect to see many more changes in the coming years as the healthcare sector becomes increasingly mobilized.

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