How To Enhance Physical Performance, Energy, And Workout Recovery

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  If you want to be the best you can be there are several things you can do to help your body attain those goals. One of the most reliable resources to building better health and wellness is through workout regimens that can build strength, tone muscles, and also create a consistent wellness plan for someone who can stay the course. One of the ways professionals reach their highest physical performance is through hard work and many constant variables they trust. This article will share some of these enhancements you can use to boost your body to the top, but what it will not show you is the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain this level of success with your health. That is up to you. Once you have determined in your mind that you can establish peak body condition, these five variables will be there to help enhance your mind, body and spirit as you go.

#1 – High Protein Diet

Protein is essential to build your body’s performance levels. It boosts the reduction of weight and fat surrounding your muscle tissue and improves the body’s energy levels. Most of all a high protein diet is responsible for balancing important hormones, enzymes, and cellular regenerative responses throughout your body. Using the high protein low carb diet, science has discovered that one can lose weight without losing muscle through this process. Generally speaking, a high protein diet means one is eating at least 20% of their calories in protein. Carbs aren’t always bad and professionals know that to get the most out of their diet they need macronutrients like fats and carbs as well. Figure out your perfect solution and stay consistent with it to see best results.

#2 – Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is very underrated in this country. These days people have no time for rest and essentially 1 out of every 3 adults do not get the rest their body needs to achieve basic rejuvenating effects. A good night’s rest not only ensures your body repairs itself and its muscle mass, but it also ensures other systems in your body are getting the maintenance they deserve as well. People don’t just stop at wanting to achieve peak physical performance, but also peak mental performance as well. The mind and body are connected and to stay consistent on these levels your body needs the opportunity to rebuild itself through sleep.

#3 – Shilajit

Shilajit is a powerful supplement which grows in the cracks of the rocks. This tar-like substance, while a little sticky, holds one of the most powerful compounds known to man – fulvic acid. Shilajit has been used by both military outposts and Olympic teams and is known for its quick recovery options it brings. Not only that but vendors like Kats Botanicals points out that shilajit has also been studied by scientists who prove this botanical is used to prevent several diseases, but more often used for its cognition performance. When in recovery mode for your workouts you want an organic and safe supplement that will help your body regenerate quicker and more effectively without causing problems. Shilajit works perfectly for that and has been proven for thousands of years.

#4 – Turmeric

Turmeric supplements are beneficial to someone in post workout recovery as well. One of the reasons is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. One already knows about the dangers of inflammation in the joints – something all bodybuilders worry about, but what one may not know is the dangers of inflammation in the brain. Also called neuroinflammation, and some symptoms are brain fog, stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and lethargy. Turmeric not only boosts the body’s physical performance and allows the person to continue on, but it also helps the neurological performance which allows for that mind/body symbiosis.

#5 – Cannabidiol

Since the recent legalization of hemp through the Farm Bill of 2018, many Americans are discovering the beautiful properties of the main compound in hemp called cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the most prevalent ingredient in this plant and has been studied for several years with amazing results. When building one’s peak performance, there’s a lot of hard work involved. The person will push themselves way past their limits at times which means they must deal with specific pain in several areas. Science has discovered CBD products like CBD oil can reduce the painful effects of arthritis and other special join related pain issues. This is very important when getting ready for another day at the gym. CBD is a great product to relieve these characteristics of a hard day’s work.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to boost your physical performance, grab a little more energy for the body, or simply trying to find a better post workout recovery option, these five tips will help you a lot. There will be days where you don’t feel like going to the gym. There will be situations where you don’t think the pain will go away, however, the natural substances that comes from the ground are the best options to recover and renew ourselves in both mind and body because we cannot attain true peaks unless we reach for both at the same time.

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