Immune Boosting Tips As Cold And Flu Season Approaches

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  • Try these immune boosting tips this fall and winter to help increase your chances of staying healthy

It’s nearly fall — and that means it’s time for cold and flu season. The threat of COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, so it’s more important than ever to keep your body healthy and strong enough to fight diseases. With a few lifestyle changes, you can prepare your immune system for different sicknesses. A little effort makes a difference.

Here are seven tips on how to boost your immune system for cold and flu season.

1. Drink Enough Water

Your body requires water to function. When you’re dehydrated, you endure headaches, fatigue and other symptoms. Your organs have to work harder to receive varied nutrients from your bloodstream. Plus, it’s harder to eradicate and detox foreign invaders like cold and flu bugs. Therefore, you should strive to drink around two liters on a normal day. You should consume more if it’s hot or you exercise.

Try to keep a full reusable water bottle with you. This way, you’ll have a visual reminder to drink enough water.

2. Consume Zinc and Vitamin D

Did you know seafood can aid against various illnesses like a cold or the flu? From oysters to shrimp to clams, you can obtain valuable nutrients through these foods. One essential mineral found in seafood is zinc. This element contributes to many healing properties in your body. There’s also vitamin D that you can find in fish such as salmon and tuna. Both zinc and vitamin D combat sicknesses.

You can also get vitamin D from sunlight. Be sure to spend around 30 minutes outside each day so that you can meet your daily requirements. As always, you need to wear sunscreen. You don’t want to be sick or have sunburn.

3. Strive for a Healthy Gut

If your gut isn’t aligned, you’re more likely to become sick. Your gut should have a balance of good and bad bacteria. Otherwise, your bad bacteria will cause concerns for your immune system. Thankfully, you can achieve a healthy gut with a few supplemental foods. Try to introduce probiotics like yogurt, kombucha and miso. These will keep your digestive system and overall gut as evenly balanced as possible.

Talk to your doctor if you notice any particular changes with your gut. There may be an underlying condition that requires special treatment.

4. Eat a Nutritious Diet

A nutritious, balanced diet is key when you want to prevent sickness. If your body doesn’t obtain vitamins and antioxidants, your immune system will struggle to meet different needs. In other words, you can’t expect your body to stay healthy when you neglect your fruits and vegetables. A meal plan that includes those foods, as well as various proteins and grains, should ensure you’re supplied with enough fuel to fight infections.

Do your best to eat a colorful, diverse plate whenever possible. You can still treat yourself to snacks and desserts, but they shouldn’t be on your table too often.

5. Avoid Daily Stressors

Have you ever felt sick because you’re stressed? It’s common to become ill when you have a lot on your mind. This response may be your body’s solution to emotions like worry. As a result, it’s important to avoid stress when possible. When you feel overwhelmed or anxious, you should try activities like yoga and meditation. Keep an eye out for stressors in your daily life that you can eliminate.

These steps will help your body stay calm so that you can fight illness.

6. Get Required Vaccinations

It’s smart to get a flu shot if you want to boost your immune system. This vaccine will increase your body’s antibody count so that you’re equipped. You may fare okay without one, but why not increase your chances when possible? It’s never a bad idea to give your body a little back up against an illness. You can either receive a dose through a traditional vaccination or a nasal spray depending on your age and health.

7. Be More Physically Active

It’s essential to stay physically fit. That’s because exercise can help prevent upper respiratory infections like a cold or the flu. A quick daily walk or job can ensure your body has enough strength to fight foreign invaders. This activity promotes a higher white blood cell count to aid against different diseases. You’ll also enjoy more sun — and as a result, your vitamin D levels will increase for added defense.

You can encourage your friends and family to join your fitness journey. This way, it’ll be more fun. Plus, you’ll all enjoy healthier lifestyles.

Use These Ideas to Keep Yourself Healthy

It’s understandable to have concerns about cold and flu season — especially when COVID-19 remains a threat. Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure your immune system is fit for a fight against either illness. Use these ideas.

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