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Mobile Health Around the Globe: Beddit Tells You How You Slept and How to Do It Better

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Do you have trouble sleeping?  Beddit will tell you why and give you information to improve your sleep and wellness.Image


Do you have trouble sleeping?  Beddit will tell you why and give you information to improve your sleep and wellness.Image

The Beddit Sleep Tracker is a new device that measures sleep patterns, keeps track of them and gives you actionable ideas on how to improve them for your comfort and health.

The sensor in Beddit is in a ribbon and measures heartbeat, respiration and movement and then analyzes sleep stage and stress level.  The Beddit ribbon sensor is placed in your bed, under the sheets; no wearable sensors are required.  The ribbon plugs into the wall and is connected to your phone via bluetooth.  

sleep tracker

Beddit is based on ballistocardiography (BCG), a scientific method for measuring cardiorespiratory function.  This sensor is incredibly sensitive and sophisticated but sturdy and durable as well.  It accurately measures when you fall asleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, the different stages of your sleep, your resting heart rate, your snoring and breathing, light and noise in the environment, and when you leave the bed to get up.  There is also an alarm clock, a wellness diary, a mood and tiredness diary and a full database for trends and sleep history.

mobile health 

The data is analyzed and Beddit then provides coaching on how to improve your sleep.

Watch this video for more details:

Beddit from Mikko on Vimeo.

Beddit has launched an Indiegogo campaign that so far, has been wildly popular.  They have now extended their campaign and are asking for additional dollars to finalize the design, order the first batch of sensors and complete the mobile application.  Their idea is to make Beddit available to consumers at a reasonable price. 


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