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Mobile Health Around the Globe: Scionis Medical, Portuguese Start-Up With Cloud-Based EHR

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Scionis Medical, based in Oporto, Portugal, creates physician-friendly software solutions to manage patient data.  Espresso MD , Scionis’s main product, is a cloud-based EHR service that can be accessed through smartphones and tablets and used through the Espresso Medical Charts app.  The app is designed to be loaded with digital forms for the physicians to record and organize patient information.Image


Benefits of Espresso MD are:

  • Easy to use: the information can be quickly recorded through drop-down or free text boxes (a speech recognition function is available)
  • Adapted to various medical practices: we are now providing digital forms for more than 10 medical specialties (from Family Medicine to Neurology)
  • Easy, searchable files
  •  Mobile: the physician can access the information anywhere, any time, on or off-line.


Contrary to the usual EHR, Espresso Medical Charts Service focuses on the physician.  Because each physician, each specialty and each context is different, the Espresso Medical Chart Service allows the physician to choose the assessments, scores or forms he needs from a large library of clinical charts (the Espresso Clinical Charts Store).  The physician can adapt the chart to his own specific needs.  All data fields are optional.Image



 Examples of some specialty charts are:

Ophtalmology Charts, including:

  • Patient Complaints
  • Slit Lamp and External Examination
  • Vision and Refraction
  • Eye Glasses Prescriptions
  • Treatment Management Plan

Massage Therapy Charts, including:

  • Patient History
  • Patient Complaints
  • Patient Disorders (muscles, joints, posture)
  • Treatment
  • Technique Used
  • Patient Response to Treatment
  • Diagnosis
  • Follow-Up

Pediatrics Charts, including:

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth History
  • Child Development & Behavior
  • Pediatric History
  • Child Safety & Home Environment

Scionis’s goal is to simplify the input and searchability of patient data and information for the physician all in maintaining excellent security. 

Please watch the video below for more details on EspressoMD:

The Espresso Medical Charts Service is available through the Espresso MD site:
There is a free trial version here.
The Espresso Medical Charts Application can also be found in GooglePlay.
And the various charts can be purchased in the Scionis Clinical Charts Store:

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