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Patient-Centric Care Delivered with Patient-Friendly Apps

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What if you could find out what your health care team is doing at any given moment while you wait in the emergency department or you are an admitted patient in the hospital. Dr. Bill Crounse, host of Health Tech Today talks with Microsoft researchers; Dan Morris and Amy Karlson (part of the team of Microsoft researchers) and they are investigating this question, “How to deliver patient-centric information?” The researchers explain and demonstrate how technology helps inform patients and their family’s about the progress being made, and about the care and treatment received. Microsoft researchers are working on various technologies that make the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) more accessible to patients. If you are a patient in the emergency room, find out:

  • How long you need to wait
  • A summary of your care in simple explanations
  • Medications simply explained

A mobile version of the patient information display can help guide your family regarding your care and treatment. A health feed explains what’s going on. For example: At 9:05 a.m. – Find out:

  • The team that has been assigned to you—read about their education and bio
  • You will see your doctor in 20 minutes
  • View vital signs
  • Patient profile
  • View the medications that have been ordered
  • Tests that are ordered and what they are

Dr. Crounse asks the researchers, “Where are we this research, is it actually implemented anywhere?” Find out which hospital is using this exciting technology, watch “Patient-Friendly Apps” in the video below.   I would love to see this technology in action. It’s very exciting and it offers patients and their family’s a guide to patient care. Remember, while technology is amazing, it doesn’t replace face-to-face communication and interaction. Participating in your care, asking questions and engaging with your health care team is invaluable. Your turn We would love to hear from you. What do you think about this patient-friendly technology? Are you excited for hospitals to use this technology for better patient care? Please post your comments below. As always, thank you for your time.

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