Telemedicine Is An Efficient Tool To Transform The Healthcare Industry

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Technology plays a major role in the development of several industries. In the list of such industries, healthcare is one of the most important and noteworthy industries that have a significant impact with technology. Certain features in digital services like real time patient monitoring, interactive online portals, real-time patient chat, telehealth, etc play a vital role in establishing good revolution in the healthcare system.

This also makes more efficient for everyone and both patients and healthcare professionals. This also enhances various functionalities like administration and management of insurances. Further, there is also a certain healthcare mobile app development that helps to make the process still easier.


Patients visiting a telemedicine clinic are brought to have a face to face interaction with each other. With the help of the laptop, the patients and the medical professionals will be in face to face contact and this will help the doctor to have some easy diagnosing of the issue.

Such telemedicine is never unmanned. There will be a presence of some doctor or nurse but with the help of telemedicine, the patients will have an opportunity to meet the expert to treat their health issues. With such telemedicine technology, distance becomes just a number and the doctor will be able to work for the betterment of your health at any corner of the world.

What was the need of the Telemedicine?

If you are one in the millions of people who were told that your problem can not be treated by the primary care doctor and you need the support of the expert ones. Experts for all the particular issues will not be found in all the parts of the world. A study says that there is an increase in the waiting time for the people to meet the doctor in several larger cities and in some mid-cities it is 29 days in averages to get an appointment and visit the doctor. All these gave rise to the evolvement of the technology called telemedicine.

Other significance of telemedicine technology

Ease doubt clarification: If a patient has a query or doubts based on his or her health condition, he or she will be able to quickly send the query to one of the experts thought an online message and get the doubt cleared. They do not need to wait for getting some appointments.

People start using healthcare and stay concern over their health: This helps in the increase in technology for patients who are accessible to the healthcare industry. A survey says that there was an 11% decrease in the cost of medical expenses and the tripling ROI for investors. Besides, it also helps in reducing the burden on the health care providers and other employees.

Single doctors can treat several patients: The doctors also increase the rate of consultants per day and perform this as an increased rate of 800% with some integration of comprehensive virtual solution for the different patient care.

Boon for people in rural areas: People in rural areas will not have required healthcare facilities where they need to move for the long-distance and wait in huge queues. Telemedicine is the boon for them and it is just enough to have a laptop or desktop with the internet connection.

What will be the future?

Such telehealth technology is showing exponentially increase in the graph with optimistic results. With the survey taken in March 2018, it was found that from 329 behavioral health providers in 50 states around 48% of the patients shows more interest over the telemedicine. It is also expected to be in the increasing rate currently and in the upcoming years.

With this trend, the people who are still in some skeptical and confused state will soon be influenced by others and understand the optimistic effect of education given by the others. So, it is so obvious that there will not be any barrier and the technology will show its steady growth in the forthcoming days. Further, there are also some telemedicine app development companies that work for the development of such telemedicine.

Final thoughts

The main motive of the technology is that the people need to live healthily and the concern over the people’s health for the technology is high. Make use of the opportunity and make yourselves healthy even if you have some strange issues where the experts are available only in certain places.

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