The Ideal Dosage and How to Take CBD

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  Perhaps the single most common question among newcomers to CBD products is: “How much CBD should I take?” Unfortunately, it’s also a difficult question to answer in a general sense. This is because the requirements of each user are unique. It depends on the reasons you’re using CBD, what you expect to get out of it, your physiology and even your genetics, not to mention the potency of the CBD you consume and your preferred consumption method. Determine Your Ideal Dosage Frequent users of CBD products often say that around 10mg up to 20mg taken twice a day suits their needs just fine. Nevertheless, others find they need no more than 1mg to 5mg per day to achieve the desired effect. Ultimately, only you can determine your ideal dosage. Hence, the sensible approach is to start out with smaller quantities, increasing things a little after 14 days if necessary. Irrespective of your recommended dosage, the importance of quality cannot be overstated. Avoid any products that cannot be traced back to their origins and consider the extraction method used by the manufacturer. How to Take CBD CBD products have become real crowd-pleasers of late. There’s something available to suit all tastes, all preferences and all pockets. Such an extensive range of products opens the door to countless different CBD consumption methods. It’s possible to consume a measured daily dose of CBD in such a wide variety of ways, that it is now simply a case of personal preference. Detailed below are some of the most popular cannabinoid consumption methods, along with approximately how much CBD should be included per dose. Important note: it is important not to heat CBD beyond 65o C when making drinks or edibles, as doing so will affect its molecular structure and reduce its effectiveness. CBD Oil in Virgin Hemp Oil Like most CBD oils, CBD oil in virgin hemp oil can be placed under the tongue. Avoid the temptation to swallow for around 60 seconds, in order to give the CBD time to be absorbed. One or two drops once or twice a day is usually sufficient, depending on the potency of the product and the required dosage. If preferred, CBD oil in virgin hemp oil can be used as an ingredient in the preparation of CBD edibles. CBD Oil in MCT Similar to its counterpart above, CBD oil in MCT is a slightly lighter preparation with a milder flavour. It can be taken under the tongue or ingested in exactly the same way as all CBD oils – either directly or as a complimentary ingredient to foods or drinks. MTC has the added benefit of releasing energy into the brain and body with long lasting effects so users who value CBD to help with focus may prefer this option. CBD Gummy Bears Possibly the most enjoyable consumption method of all, CBD Gummy Bears can be used to supplement your initial dose of CBD, but are also a delicious way to take your whole dose. If you can resist chewing them, the best way to gain maximum absorption from CBD Gummy Bears is to allow them to dissolve under the tongue. Reaching the recommended maximum CBD intake of 200mg is almost too easy – you’ll need willpower to keep yourself from reaching for more. CBD Isolate The purity of CBD Isolate means a little goes a very long way. Measuring in at an impressive 99.9% purity, only a tiny amount is needed per dose. It’s also the perfect base for making your own CBD products and topicals from scratch. If you’re feeling creative, CBD Isolate powder comes highly recommended. CBD Topicals Last but not least, CBD topicals are designed to be applied directly to the skin, rather than ingested. Simply take the quantity required, rub it into the relevant area and let the CBD get to work by penetrating deep beneath the surface of the skin.

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