Types Of Equipment To Help You Stay Comfortable After Bariatric Surgery

You'll want to feel comfortable after bariatric surgery and during your recovery, so consider stocking up on the following equipment in advance

April 18, 2019


Bariatric Surgery is a type of medical procedure used more commonly in obese individuals to remove excess fat in the stomach region using a gastric band. It also involves the removal of a part of the stomach referred to as sleeve gastrectomy as well as resecting and re-routing small intestines, a process called gastric bypass surgery.

After bariatric procedures, patients undergo an intensive care process to ensure the gastrointestinal tract and the wound heal appropriately without complications. Besides, there exists different equipment used by bariatric patients to recover comfortably after the procedure.


Wheelchairs are the most common equipment used for multiple purposes when an individual has difficulties in walking. Similarly, patients who have undergone bariatric surgery require support during movement to prevent injuries to the internal and external wounds. Wheelchairs are essential items that improve the healing process while the patients can move freely to stations such as support groups.

Wheelchairs, therefore, provide adequate assistance to bariatric patients hence helping them remain comfortable after surgery. The facility may provide the wheelchair, or you can purchase one while considering various factors such as size and transfers. Before making your purchase, make sure you’re aware of tips for buying a wheelchair you’ll get the most out of.


Walking is the most crucial aspect after surgery, and many patients would need to walk again quickly but with the aid of a support. Bariatric patients can acquire walkers to help in walking around comfortably, as well as when exercising on earlier stages of walking.

There are different types of walkers which include PVC, folding and non-folding, and lightweight rigid walker. Similarly, these items can either be provided by the facility while in the recovery room or you can make a purchase online or from any retail store in the country.

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After bariatric surgery, your surgeon will conduct multiple post-surgical procedures which will involve measuring your body temperature frequently. Monitoring of body temperature ensures your body performs the necessary functions usually after correction of the stomach region.

Therefore, thermometers come in to ensure body temperatures are recorded accurately; hence delivery of accurate readings. Thermometers are thus important tools while undergoing recovery as they provide accurate and straightforward body temperature results thus helping bariatric patients heal comfortably.


Another walking assisting item are walking sticks which also include crutches for the youth, adult and tall or short individuals suitable for all groups. Sticks or crutches provide maximum support hence essential equipment during the recovery process. These items may come in different sizes, design or varying models to provide maximum support to various groups to bariatric patients.

Sticks assist in the provision of extra comfort while recovering from bariatric procedures hence keeping the patient active and relaxed. It is vital to use sticks always accompanying a nurse or assistance when in the early stages of recovery to prevent accidents or additional injuries.

Safety Bars

Other than exercises, eating well and following your doctor’s advice, safety bars are necessary equipment used to assist patients in areas such as bathroom, getting on or out of bed and climbing up the stairs. Bariatric patients may experience difficulties getting on or off the bed or bathroom tabs, but with the help of safety bars, you can efficiently conduct such activities. It is, therefore, vital to install safety bars in bathrooms, near the bed area and the stairs region, if any, to ease in movements between different rooms during bariatric surgery recovery.

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The items as mentioned earlier provide sufficient help to bariatric patients along with proper diets, exercises, and doctor appointments. Such equipment makes the recovery period more comfortable with reduced injuries to the repaired stomach region at all times. As such, always ensure to accompany such tools during your bariatric recovery process.