What Are Some Of The Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters?

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Floaters are random spots that can occur both inside and outside our eyes. Treating these annoying spots can be simple. Here are some ways to go about it.

Have you experienced small dark shapes that float around your line of vision? These specs are nothing but floaters. They follow a haphazard path when you move your eyes and drift away when your eyes are still. They are typically formed when the vitreous (a gel-like composition that surrounds the eye surface) shrinks and its strands cast a shadow on the retina.Those squiggly lines and thread-like appearances may tend to affect your vision. Here’s a quick guide on how to do away with eye floaters with simple lifestyle changes:

1. Keep yourself hydrated

One should keep this in mind that, dehydration is one of the key reasons that can actually worsen the condition of your eye floaters. So, the only solution to keep your eye floaters at bay is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. That apart, one can also drink electrolyte water, and the various kinds of important salts present in it will help us treat the eye floaters more effectively, as compared to other modes of treatment. In fact, this is one of the best ways to do away with your eye floaters without visiting the doctor.

2. Stress can worsen your eye floaters

Stress can be one of the chief reasons that can deteriorate the condition of your eye floaters. If you are under too much stress, then it can surely lead to a more serious condition of your floaters.Hence, one should be taking immediate steps to put their stress level under control as fast as they can. There are many ways to get stress free. You can either do some exercises like walking, running, to name a few, or you can opt for any of your hobbies, which are actually very good mood enhancers, and once you are out of your stress, your eye floaters will stop annoying you anymore.

3. Adequate sleep  

Lack of proper sleep is again one of the key reasons that can worsen the condition of your eye floaters. If you are not getting sound sleep every day, it can surely trigger an adverse effect on your health, hence, further affecting your eye floaters. Mostly, people suffering from a dearth of good sleep, have eye floaters.

Thus, if you don’t want to let your eye floaters disrupt your normal living any longer, you should make sure that you are getting adequate sleep every day, and that will certainly help in the eradication of your most exasperating floaters as fast as possible.

4. Do away with smoking

If you are into the habit of smoking too much, it can encourage the growth of eye floaters. Despite being aware of the fact that smoking is harmful to health, there are many people, who tend to smoke more than their normal capacity, and that increases the occurrence of floaters.Smoking is indeed a silent killer and it doesn’t only add on to the inflammation of your floaters, but can also have a direct effect on your overall health. To get out of this bad habit use e-cig as an alternative to curb your nicotine cravings.

As compared to regular cigarettes, e-cigs do not contain tar and carbon monoxide. Plus, you get to control your nicotine intake and slowly cut down on its consumption.Even experts suggest an immediate stop on tobacco smoking in the case of floaters, and hence e-cigarettes can emerge as a viable alternative as they don’t burn tobacco when smoking.

5. Eating healthy food

Well, when it comes to your eye floaters, a proper and healthy diet, including a lot of anti-inflammatory agents can indeed help cure your floaters in a more effective and healthy manner. This kind of diet usually includes the following kinds of food items:

  •         Oranges
  •         Strawberries
  •         Nuts
  •         Fatty fish like tuna, mackerel,  salmon
  •         Dark green and leafy veggies
  •         Tomatoes
  •         Olive Oil
  •         Blueberries etc.

But, unlike this kind of healthy diet that reduces most of the chance for your floaters to relapse, there can be a particular group of foods that actin a completely reverse manner, and can add on to the inflammation of your eye floaters rather than curing them. These foods usually include things like:

  •         Deep fried foods
  •         Margarine
  •         Processed meat
  •         Sugar-sweetened beverages like soft drinks.
  •         Different forms of refined carbohydrates like pastries, white bread etc.

Hence, one has to be really discreet, while selecting the kinds of foods they eat in their daily diet, i.e., the right kind of food items which will actually help in curbing the intensity of their eye floaters, otherwise, choosing the wrong foods can simply have the reverse effect on these random spots, further deteriorating their condition.

Some home remedies to treat your eye floaters.

Unlike, hitting the doctor’s chamber time and again, there are a couple of natural remedies that will help greatly, to cure your eye floaters of your home itself. Following are some of the natural remedies you can give a try.

  • Doing some eye exercises: You can simply roll your eyes in circular motions, first in a clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise manner at frequent intervals throughout the day. There is another visual exercise, which has been proved to be a really effective home remedy in treating your eye floaters. All you need to do is to hold an object and moving it from your sight as far as possible, and then again bringing it closer to you, while maintaining a gap of at least 6 inches, repeat the process this twice or thrice a day, and the results are remarkable.
  • Yoga: Just the way yoga helps in relaxing your body, the various yogic movements that require the eyes to remain closed for a while providing them a reasonable amount of rest.
  • Reduce TV Watching: Keeping your eyes fixed to the television set for a long time, can greatly harm your eyes.

Bid adieu to floaters

To sum up, eye floaters have become the most common visual problem in this present era, and more or less every individual might have come across this some time or the other. Hopefully, these tips and suggestions will be really useful in the eradication of your eye floaters and you can happily say goodbye to those droopy eyes!

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