What You Need To Know About CBD Oil and Autism

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Anyone who has been following the developments in medicinal marijuana has seen at least one or two benefits of CBD oil. Those who commonly suffer from multiple seizures a day have seen their seizures disappear or decrease immensely. CBD oil does not get you high as there are no psychoactive ingredients in it like THC which is the component in marijuana that causes the high that users feel. Autism is growing at a rapid rate with respect to developmental disorders with 1 in 68 children in the US according to stats given be the CDC. CBD oil is being studied as a way to treat children and reduce symptoms of their autism like repetitive or compulsive actions. The following are things that you need to know about CBD oil and autism.

Many Parents Have Considered It

There are parents who might feel strange about giving their child CBD oil. The reefer madness phase of America is fading due to the studies that have been done internationally and domestically that cite benefits of this oil. There are a few tips that you should follow through when thinking about this. Do not tell any other parents about this who do not have a child with autism or a seizure disorder. These people might not realize the challenges that your child was born with impacts their daily quality of life so immensely in a negative way. Other parents who have children with autism or other conditions that can be life changing will be much more understanding and might even be considering using CBD oil as well. Once more research has been done parents will be more comfortable using CBD oil with their children. You cannot fault a parent for being skeptical about any medication that has not been tested thoroughly.

Studies Have Not Been Done

Parents who are skeptical might want to look at studies that have been done in the US before making a final decision. The fact is that studies done on the drug that are federally funded are all outdated by decades. The controls in the studies were manipulated in order to make marijuana look like a drug that was harmful like cocaine or heroin. This ban and the scheduling of the drug by the DEA makes it illegal to study the drug or derivatives that could be beneficial as the plant of marijuana is still federally illegal even though it is legal in some states.

Studies that are being done without federal funding have to keep their findings quiet to a point as they will want to do further studies. No academic study or medical study wants DEA agents storming into their facility when they are running sensitive tests. Once the schedule of the plant is changed this will open up a variety of studies that could in essence cripple some of the pharmaceutical industry as CBD oil has a plethora of safe uses.

It Can Be Used To Treat Other Disorders Unrelated To Autism

There can be a number of other conditions besides autism that can impact our children. Crohn’s disease is one of these that can be crippling with children that have a hard time communicating as to what is bothering them. This can help inflamed lower intestines and reduce flare ups that are common of the disease. Epilepsy patients shown incredible results when using CBD oil with people reducing hundreds of seizures daily to being seizure free for weeks. CBD oil is a natural remedy that is not psychoactive so it should be viewed much like other medications.

As you can see CBD oil is showing its versatility as a medication and the more it is studied the more will come out. Do not be afraid to make your child happier and healthier by using this treatment. Your job as a parent is to take care of your child to the best of your ability. Take time to research all alternatives when it comes to medication as some routes have less long term impact than others.

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